Getting past today and seeing the future.


Last night I watched a couple of TED Talks on my Roku web television (a blog post in and of itself) . is site where interesting people, talk about interesting things of less than 18 minutes.  The talk I watched was about the formation of language. An MIT professor filmed his home for two years and collected data on his sons formation of language.  Truly amazing and a must see.
What I gathered from the talk was the amazing opportunities and changes that technology can bring!  We sit at work, assuming that what we do will always be there for us to do. But it won’t! The pace of change is accelerating beyond our minds scope. The pace of analyzing the information we create boggles even the most gifted of people.  Pace of change is at a blur.
What this means is that we all have to be futurists.  We all have to see what’s on the horizon.  We should all be thinking farther along our lives timeline.  What could I be doing better? How could my job be done cheaper and what can I do to be out front of that. 
This is not about being afraid or worried.  Its about awareness and taking control of what is ahead of you.  Disrupt your own life before it gets disrupted by something you didn’t see coming.


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