Things you have to read or you are doing it wrong.


I’m sure lots of you wonder “Where the hell does Laurent get all this crap from?”  It’s a good question and I am going to rectify it.  One things folks don’t do enough is share their information gathering systems.  These days there is so much information pouring our of the internet and phones we need systems just to keep up.  
Here’s who I read and what I do:
Names you know know:
Seth Godin
Fred Wilson
Steve Rubel
David Armero
Umair Haque
Richard Florida
Jeff Jarvis

Dave Winer
Brad Feld
Gary Vanerchuk
….and more!
What I use to follow all these guys are Twitter and Google Reader.  Nothing more,  nothing less.  I have the time to do it this way,  but many others set up Google search alerts.  I don’t love that option because I get way too much spam.  But that is an option. I don’t have a Twitter list for you to follow but I do have a link to the FIRST thing I read every morning:
My read first Google Reader folder
Who I follow on Twitter (This list has friends and lots of baseball writers!)

Last,  I’ll share my OPML file.  What is an OPML file?  Its a file that exports my entire RSS subscription list.  You can read and access everything that I read. Send me a note and I’ll send it your way. How’s that for giving!

Tell me who you read?


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