It’s called the internet and it’s awesome! But can you define it?


World famous thought leader Doc Searls submitted an idea and gave us a call to action to define the Internet.  While on the surface that seems easy,  when you dig into the definition things get murky very quickly.  Is the Internet just the switches, protocols and opens source platforms that connect us? Or is it something more important,  something that is vital to the dissemination of ideas and connection.

My view is err on the side of it’s bigger more worldly meaning.  The Internet is the connectivity itself.  The fact that the world is now completely interconnected is what the Internet is.  That power and link building is what has made the last 20 years of technological growth possible.  The open, connected and fast moving information that we now take for granted is what the Internet is.  

As such a powerful connecting force we must make sure it remains open. We must ensure that all traffic is equal in the eyes of the all powerful Internet.  We must make sure that a mobile Internet connection is the same as a wifi, or land line connection.  We the people need to ensure it.  Folks need to understand the importance of the web even if they aren’t techies.  The Internet allows us to find jobs quickly, contact loved ones quickly, spread and share news quickly, find our next date,  get directions or even learn the skills needed for our next career.  The Internet isn’t just for nerds, the Internet is for everyone.  It has become vital as important as clean air and consistent electricity.  

I know folks may be reading this and thinking I’m being hyperbolic (I looked it up, its the right word) but I am not kidding.  Yes,  human connection is important, yes who we actually know and interact with is vital but the Internet and only the Internet amplifies and democratizes who and how we connect.  Without the Internet none of you would know my thoughts,  without the Internet I would never have met my lovely wife or have the job I have today.  
We protect our national natural resources so too we should protect the mighty Internet.  All those wires, fibers and switches should be revered as much as a redwood tree, a five-hundred year old oak or steady mountain stream.  

Will the Internet have it’s John Muir?  I hope it does.  

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By Laurent Courtines

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