Why Facebook succeeded (And why Google+ can succeed too)

Why did Facebook explode?
One word with a second word follow up: Apps and Games. 

Working in the game space I've long thought that a significant reason Facebook succeeded is the games (mostly Zynga games)  that people built on top of the platform (the platform itself is a major technical achievement)

Jason Calacanis (Internet blowhard and entrepreneur of mild success) basically said what I have always thought:

"Without Mark’s (Pincus of Zynga)  innovations driving 20% to 35% of the traffic on Facebook (in my estimation), Facebook would be half the company it is today. In fact, don’t be surprised if Zynga is responsible — even at this late date — for 25% of the time spent on Facebook and a third of its earnings.  We will find out when Facebook files its IPO."

Read Jason's whole post here

If you want to look for the sure signs of success of Google+,  look for the games to arrive. If they do? Then you know Google has a winner on their hands

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