Be a little weird everyday


A friend tweeted yesterday that life is too short not to wear funky socks. That put the thought in my mind to talk about being  weird.

If you dont know me personally, you may not know i’m loud-mouthed-know-it-all-curse-like-a-sailor blowhard. I say this about myself as a positive thing.  I’m odd, I’m not your everyday person.  I’m nosey, I make esoteric historical references and like to talk about race and ethnicity a little too much for my own good.

All these oddities, make me, me. I’m always this way. I don’t pretend to be someone else or tone down who I am.  In short, I’m memorable. 

You may not like me (very common) or you may feel happy I’m there stirring it up.
All this self-assesment is in the name of making a point.  Be weird. Be a squeaky wheel. Be heard.  If your idea of a good day at work is you getting out of there with no one knowing you are there, then I think you might be in trouble.

More than anything, dont try and fit in. Most people will get used to you and you’ll feel better about yourself.

Like my pal said life is too short to be normal.

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