We are both the 1% and the 99%



Blaming the super-duper rich is an easy construct that does us
a disservice.  I do not obsolve, blame or take credit for anything. Nor do claim to sit in judgement. My mind wanders here and there and these are my thoughts.

Power is in the collective. 

While we all sat making money and buying big screen TV’s we collectively, all 100% stood by.  We stood by as schools got worse, we stood by as Al-Qaeda grew. We stood by and borrowed. We stood by as real wealth shrank and thin wealth grew.  We let a government that is supposed to protect our freedoms get hijacked, piece by piece, year by year by vocal fringes.  We sat and waited. 

When everything fell apart, we still sat and wondered what happend.  

The time for sitting, waiting and blaming is over.  We are the 100% and we accept responsibility. We now demand our lives generate real value.  We build new institutions that create a new narritive for the future.  Lets build things that are built to last, not for quarterly profits.  Lets help co-workers be better at their work and not worry about our next raise. Build cars that last 30 years not 4. Make clothes guaranteed for life. Make stronger bonds to the earth. Get away from “look at what I have” to “look at what WE did”  Lets pull together get the very rich to pay their dues,  the middle to stand up for the rights of the poor and the poor to do everything they can to better themselves.  Lets not blame. Lets help each other.  No more I pay taxes so you can live. No more I made my money and I’m keeping it or I made it in this country, I’m slamming the door.  We all did well because of each others work.  Rich got rich through the safety of our laws.  The middle got its shot by aspiring to be better than our parents.  And the poor are poor through no fault of their own.  We all share responsibility.

I don’t like percentages of a whole. Let’s be whole.

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