What writing is about: Being wrong

Maybe people are afraid to write, post, tweet or whatever because they are afraid.  They are afraid to say what they mean,  they are afraid that someone will throw something back in their face or they are simply afraid they have nothing interesting to say.  Fundamentally, the issue is folks afraid of being wrong.  If you write regularly,  things you say and think will be frozen in the time you wrote them in the context you wrote them (yes, you can go back and edit, but you get my meaning)  You might state a political opinion or a projection and you'll might be wrong about something.

I say?  So what? So you are wrong.  If you are writing enough and people are reading enough then your opinions will come through and as long as we explain when we came to the idea when we did,  then well,  you should be fine. 

Just keep writing and don't be afraid –  you are going to be wrong and that is fine with us.

This post was inspired by Om Malik's post on 10 years of Blogging. It's a great read.Originally appeared https://laurent-courtines.com/what-writing-is-about-being-wrong from http://laurent-courtines.com

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