The Must Read List: The Top Five Posts for 2011


Last year around this time I dedicated myself to try and write everyday for 2011.  While I wasn't able to reach that goal – I feel very good about what I was able to accomplish.  I want to thank every single one of you who visited the site and read anything – even once!  It is humbling to think that anyone would read anything I am writing so thank you!

Here are the top five posts on for 2011:

5. New York City is Awesome When…. February 17th, 2011
A list of the reasons I love my home town.

My views on AOL and the great people I worked with.

After Facebook made a change I summed up some issues I think they have.  I may rue the day I wrote this down.

2. My Hometown: East Harlem New York.  It has problems. March 12th, 2011
Living in and growing up in Manhattans last ghetto, I list it's problems. This one gets picked up my search. Read this one, I'm proud of it.

A service piece I did explaining how managed the entire AOL Games social presence.

Thanks everyone,  all four-thousand plus who visited the site this year.  I'll keep trying to write and bring what I can to the table.

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