Push Through – Goddamn it, You Have Shit to Say.

I write one of these posts every few months.  I need to write, blah blah blah… well I do!  I do need to write.  One of the tenets of brain power is producing.  Getting things out in the world to ensure its not forgotten.  I admire my friends who write (Yes, you LibeDanBen et al)  It’s an unusual power.  The capacity to think something,  decide others might want to read it,  and then have the audacity to convey it!  Magic!   

I have spent the last few months reading… some good stuff some bad.  (Game of Thrones… bad writing,  The Swerve – good writing)  But only consuming of others writing. No more.  No MORE!  Like a graffiti artist seeing someone tag up on there wall,  I need to get my tags up too!  I need to say what I need to say.  


  • honesty  
  • polarizing commentary
  • things about sports
  • things about Nazi’s
  • things about World War II
  • things about the Balkans (not the Baltics) 
  • things about the web
  • things I am working on
  • things I wish I was working
  • things I think I wish I could work on 
  • the War of 1812
  • New York City
  • the Ghetto
  • how awesome people I know are,
  • how much I think the awesome people I know think I am an idiot
  • Robert Moses
  • Public Housing
  • The Wire
  • Urban Planning,  
  • Urban Renewal, 
  • Urban Destruction, 
  • Urban People
  • Being Poor
  • Being White
  • Being Black
  • Being Puerto Rican
  • Being an asshole
  • Being a dick
  • my hatred of New Jersey
  • Internationalism
  • what makes Americans morons
  • whatever is in the current book I am reading (and how I need to be more like it)
  • how the last post, or sentence I wrote contradicts what I just said….
  • Things my brother things I should write about.
  • things you think I should write about
  • my hatred of grammar
  • my hatred of spell check
  • the tyranny of thumbnails 

 Or any other shit I come up with.  Come on my ride with me.  Enjoy.  Please comment.  Its just more fun that way. 

By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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