Not a new blog (but new to me). Loving it – self-helpy but practical

Started reading James Altucher’s blog about a month ago. Its good. He’s smart, he’s a good writer and doesn’t appear to care what you think of him. Along with a handful of other things, he’s part of the inspiration to keep writing and keep trying to be more honest.

The post I shared is called “I want less for Christmas’. The post struck a cord with me. Christmas is hard. The stress of shopping. The stress of getting the right gift. The stress of pretending that its the most wonderful time of then year (its not). The stress to manufacture excitement for it. The terrible knowledge that the worst of consumerism is on display. All the STUFF makes it feel loaded. Christmas can’t help but disappoint. (Usually)

With all that floating around in Christmas its wonderful for the time spent with family and friends. Its a time to reflect on the year past and to get ready for the New Year. Christmas is just desperate for a rebranding. We need to wrestle it back from Walmart, Zales, Amazon and bring back to bad sweaters, funny stories and warm beds,

Not a new blog (but new to me). Loving it – self-helpy but practical

By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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