Stop giving Facebook everything.

I thought about this today…. every comment and thoughtful conversation you’ve had on Facebook is now… well, owned by Facebook.  With that in mind,  I am going to post a comment I made on Facebook here.

My old summer camp friend Nakia asks and posts interesting politically themed items on her Facebook wall.  I enjoy commenting on them because 1.  She responds 2.  The other commentors (people I don’t know) make intelligent comments 3.  While we are both New Yorkers,  she’s black and well, I’m not.  (more on the black/white thing on another post)
Anyway…. she posted on how she was pissed off at Melissa Harris Perry of MSNBC fame for discussing Mitt Romeny and “white privilege”  Nakia made the GREAT comment that

The American people have been voting in these privileged, out-of-touch politicians for decades now. Let’s be clear, we have all helped to create this problem.” 

I thought thank God someone is saying something! We all have to take responsibility! My actually quote was:

It’s  been a great misdirection for decades. (the misdirection being, getting people to vote against their interests) People vote with their hearts and not in their own best interests. Not being funny but is abortion really an issue we should choose politicians over? Is whether a person is or isn’t a Christian really a politically important topic? Americans have been swindled and duped into voting for issues that actually don’t matter. Its amazing we get anything done at all. No one is accountable form their own political education. No one actually knows what power a congressman or senator can actually wield. There is a complete disconnect between those doing the governing and the governed. 

Thoughts? Comments? Punches in the Face?

By Laurent Courtines

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