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Stuff on my mind – keeping the writing going

Best part of my 30-day course was the writing… Getting into the habit and keeping it going. Getting my blog back up and running reminded me that I used to write quite a bit. I’m going to keep it up!

Things on my mind:

  • It’s North Korea.
    • Don’t worry so much. It’s a tiny country, with no money and no food. They do this periodically. They saber rattle, they get something, then they go away. It’s normal. Plus remember, Trump is a bully who talks shit. He doesn’t want to be the guy who started WWIII. We have to believe that.
  • The Premier League.
    • The weekly drama is back! The most fun football league starts this weekend and for 38 rounds of games, we have football. As my guru’s the Men in Blazers say “Football makes you feel.” I agree! I can’t want for my first feelings of the year. It’s a big year for City so lets go and win this fucking thing.
  • Three-year olds can be real dicks.
    • Aveline has found this new level of whining that is like a broken european firetruck… waaaay-waaaay, waaaay-waaaay,waaaay-waaaay, waaaay-waaaay,waaaay-waaaay, waaaay-waaaay. She does this for minute after minute over the littlest thing… I picked up wrong. The plate she likes to use is in the right place… We didn’t bring something she wanted… She’s a terrorist. I love her, parenthood is fantastic and I wouldn’t trade it in the world for anything… but if she waaaay-waaaay, waaaay-waaaay,waaaay-waaaay, waaaay-waaaay again… I’m kicking her out of the house at 16 years old.
  • The opioid crisis.
    • This pisses me off to no end. There is the worst kind of institutional bias in the world on display here. In the 1970’s when Viet Nam vets came back with heroin, and it attacked our cities, we criminalized it. It was an urban problem. When the crack wave hit our cities in the 1980’s; we declared a War on Drugs. Both of these crisis were handled by incarcerating a generation of young urban poor. But now? It’s heroin and precious rural, or non-urban US citizens are under assault… now, its a crisis. It’s being met with empathy and compassion… what a load of shit. Here is the break down: when its non-white people it’s a war. When it’s white people, it’s a crisis. fucked up, but true.
  • Marijuana legalization.
    • Just get it done nationally. We have two sets of laws now. It’s illegal nationally, but legal in some states? How does that work? It’s not addictive in the physical sense. It prevents pain and in the states where it’s legal there is less of a pain-killer problem. I don’t smoke weed, but its really not a big deal. Let’s make this happen.

By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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