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The American Union.

Why do the states have to be United?

The Constitution is not Holy Text. It’s not handed down by God. Why do we have to still be a Union? Maybe we can be like the EU? Just a series of business laws, free emigration and shared currency? Everyone would get what they want no?

It might mean accepting that some states do things we don’t like but we can hold on to a central bill of rights… (like no slavery!) But why not let the states compete? Why not let the states live in their own market of ideas.
I know a war was fought for it. I know it’s petrifying to think what would happen and a lot of people would feel compelled to move. But perhaps we’d find out the real character of our country. Perhaps imposing views on others and fighting over things when there is clearly less and less of a shared culture in the United States would be worthwhile.

It’s scary to think about but I thought it was an interesting question to ponder.


By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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hhmmmmm who gets the salad bowl of America???
Food distribution might be problematic

think about HispaƱola??
DR and Haiti
just saying…

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