No more student athletes. All college sports should be professional.

It’s a farce, a lie and goes against the notions of free enterprise in the United States. It’s a cartel of rich mostly white schools exploiting the labour of financial unprivelaged people to increase the soft power of their school and increase revenue through donations. And no, don’t bring up all the other sports… I’m […]

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The American Union.

Why do the states have to be United? The Constitution is not Holy Text. It’s not handed down by God. Why do we have to still be a Union? Maybe we can be like the EU? Just a series of business laws, free emigration and shared currency? Everyone would get what they want no? It […]


Art – you all need to create, warts and all

Talking about writing is what I focus on because its the “art” that I “do”. However, its not for everyone. Some people will never read, or post, or think of writing anything. That’s fine. I urge that you find a medium and produce something. At its core, art is a gift. We give something of […]

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