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Reading old posts – a lot less self-hatred

This blog has about seven years of posts in it. I’ve had several different places where I have posted, but this WordPress blog was a backup for other spots I was posting (tumblr, Posterous) As such it contains quite an archive.

As I stumble thru and look at older posts, I am shocked. My older posts are quite good! Quite insightful and pretty clever.

I know, I know I shouldn’t say things about my own work, but these are so old that the memory of writing the posts is gone, its as though I am reading someone else’s work. Everyone who knows me, knows I would never appreciate my own work, I would hate every word I’ve written. The benefit of hindsight is fantastic. The posts that are 5 and 6 years old hold a lot of value and cover lots of interesting topics… I am being kind to myself and I am impressed with myself. Can’t believe I was ale to synthesize ideas like I did? Sometimes I can’t believe I wrote half of these posts. If I found this blog, I would subscribe to it!!

I guess I am self-loathing a lot less in my own age…. (not really)

Please click the archives and pick some posts from 2011! There are pretty good!

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