Reading old posts – a lot less self-hatred

This blog has about seven years of posts in it. I’ve had several different places where I have posted, but this WordPress blog was a backup for other spots I was posting (tumblr, Posterous) As such it contains quite an archive.

As I stumble thru and look at older posts, I am shocked. My older posts are quite good! Quite insightful and pretty clever.

I know, I know I shouldn’t say things about my own work, but these are so old that the memory of writing the posts is gone, its as though I am reading someone else’s work. Everyone who knows me, knows I would never appreciate my own work, I would hate every word I’ve written. The benefit of hindsight is fantastic. The posts that are 5 and 6 years old hold a lot of value and cover lots of interesting topics… I am being kind to myself and I am impressed with myself. Can’t believe I was ale to synthesize ideas like I did? Sometimes I can’t believe I wrote half of these posts. If I found this blog, I would subscribe to it!!

I guess I am self-loathing a lot less in my own age…. (not really)

Please click the archives and pick some posts from 2011! There are pretty good!

Because black people…

The Must Read New York City Book List

The five jerks you meet at work.

Eulogy for a street corner kid; I miss you all.

Five things I learned about real work from fantasy baseball


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