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Premier League Round 4: Sunday. Crap predictions from a crap pundit

Holy shit these are crappy games. The Premier League doesn’t quite get how to arrange it’s schedule so that there are no shit games. I guess the NFL has this problem as well… but fucking hell. This is real crap.

Burnley v Crystal Palace
Wow! This is a shit game. Fucking hell. I have a lot of love for Palace if only because they have the best fans in London. This is a MUST win for Palace… if they lose, their coach Frank DeBoer may be fired. It’s that desperate. Palace are going thru the issue some teams have when they establish themselves, they want to go away from the their identity of tight defense and hitting teams on the break, to more expansive football. Problem for palace? They don’t have the players. They can’t string 3 passes together. Burnley on the other hand? They know their identity, they are a defensive team that punish teams who make mistakes. I expect Burnley to win at home and BeBoer to be fired. 2:0 to Burnley.

Swansea v. Newcastle United
The Jonjo Shelvey Derby! This is a also a completely shit game. Swansea have some fun players and have brought in Renato Sanhes and prodigal son Wilfred Bony. Newcastle are a shambles and the only thing they have going for them is Rafa Benitez. He may not be long for the club if things go bad! I wonder if he’s take the Palace job if Newcastle collapse? 1:0 to Swansea.


Bonus game!

West Ham United v. Huddersfield

If West Ham can’t beat Huddersfield at the London Stadium… they are fucked and Slavin Bilic will be fired. It’s that big of a game for the Hammers. Huddersfield are living the dream. They can lose this game and the next 4 and still fill good about where they are. Huddersfield have togetherness, belief and a good coach, but they are short on talent. Just staying in games will be an achievement. 2:1 Hammers.

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