Premier League Round 5: Sunday. Crap predictions from a crap pundit

This is more like it! Last Sunday was all crap, this Sunday is all class match ups. All four team played in Europe this week so we can’t really say there will be an issue there. They are all on even ground with the fact they have played extra games.

Chelsea v. Arsenal
A London Derby is always a good time. Arsenal have righted themselves on the surface, but a bad loss to Chelsea will bring it all down on Wenger. I don’t think any Arsenal fan thinks they’ll beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. For them this is a “not in the face” game. It’s about the the performance and the selection. If Wenger picks his BEST XI, in the positions they SHOULD be in, then Gooners will feel ok.
For Chelsea, they are flying. Conte has put the opening week loss behind them, and has Chelsea playing well…. I hate them. I can’t see anything but a Chelsea win here. Looking forward to Arsenal Fan Tv death march.
Blues 3:1 Gunners

Manchester United v. Everton
This match is going to be all about the Old Boys. Lukaku playing verse Everton and Rooney returning to Old Trafford. That will be the back story. The big thing here is a performance. Everton need to play well. They’ve been playing poorly for a about 3 weeks and need to show up. I don’t think they have to win, but they have to play well and be in the game. Koemann will be under pressure if the team plays badly. They need to have heart and spirit. United are on a decent run but a draw or a loss will be a shock to the confidence. Mourinho will be itching for the win…. I expect they will, but Pogba’s out…
Red Devils 1:1 Toffees


One Reply to “Premier League Round 5: Sunday. Crap predictions from a crap pundit”

  1. Did you get the TV pics I sent you about the Man City Vs Everton match??
    Freaking TELEMUNDO NYC Sunday morning listening to the commentators in Espagnol is pretty cool and entertaining (but not as good as you of course)

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