No more student athletes. All college sports should be professional.

It’s a farce, a lie and goes against the notions of free enterprise in the United States. It’s a cartel of rich mostly white schools exploiting the labour of financial unprivelaged people to increase the soft power of their school and increase revenue through donations. And no, don’t bring up all the other sports… I’m talking about Football and Basketball.

The leagues have an incentive to keep these relationships in order because they receive free training and don’t have to train professionals to play in the league. It’s a win for everyone all around except the athletes.

My proposal are the following:

  • Get rid of all drafts, in all sports
    • They are immoral and control labor.
    • They are a means to remove choice.
    • Think of it this way: what if there was a draft for engineers at Stamford or MIT and those students had to go to the company that had the first pick? Oh you wanted to work for Google? Nope sorry, you have to work for Sears because they had the worst year last year. Absurd right?
  • Make all college sports teams professional
    • Do people really care that the people who play for their schools are amateur? Do they care that they are students?
    • Why not simply make them professional?
      • Think of USC, wouldn’t Matt Lenart have loved to play for USC for years? Or maybe Carmelo Anthony would like to finish his career at Syracuse?
        Really, lets stop pretending it’s not professional.

All I am saying is lets get rid of the restraints placed on the players and let them play where and when they want to. Lets also let them early money for their labor and skill. Right now, we’re taking advantage of young poor people to help rich schools and professional leagues keep their costs of labor down.

Oh and before you say this is impossible… look to professional leagues in Europe. They have no caps, no drafts, no restrictions on player movement and they are making all the money in the world and deliver a high quality product.


By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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