I’ll have the usual – committing again

It’s that time again. Time to commit to writing something everyday. I do this. I write, then stop, then write again. That’s what this blog has captured more than anything. The struggle to get out what is in my brain in the face of sitting in front of the couch and watching another video of some soccer player score a goal or a talking head say something in the same way they have for time in memorial.

So? Why? Because the news is bombarding me with negativity. I sway from it not mattering to the a fascist slow-coup happening in front of our eyes.  What it’s clear we are in is decline… or better still… stagnation. We now are living in what it must have felt like in Rome in 400 AD, or England in the 1920’s… you know its over, but you pretend you’ll rise again.

But what has failed? Our morality, our high ground, our institutions… we’re the worst of ourselves right now… I just don’t see us pulling out of easily…. short of their being a war or a real civil disobedience… we on a slow-coup towards fascism… I’m still waiting for the Reichstag Fire…

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