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Nostalgia is a bitch. Your home town doesn’t owe you anything.


The only constant in New York is it’s constant destruction. It changes faster than we can and so… It changes and eventually? It’s not the City we know but is the City someone else knows. That is its wonder. That is its gift. It’s a churning, conveyor of life. Spitting people out and taking people in. No one can keep up with it and it will live on with or without our nostalgia for the City we knew.
That is the greatness of all Cities. They simply never die. London? Rome? Athens? Constantinople? Bagdad? Beijing? These are Cities. They have had their time as most important places in the world. In the case of Bagdad… it’s Babylon! Humans FIRST City. Cities are resilient and hold human truths without holding on the humans who created those truths. They all live on and don’t care about when you were there or when you left. They will always regenerate and continue.

No matter what happens to the United States, or New York State or the politics of America. You can bet, New York City, will still be there. And you can bet, there will be former New Yorkers saying it ain’t what it used to be. And New York (whatever its new name might be) will be just fine with that.

By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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