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This is why you have to write – skin in the game.

I was just listening to the Joe Rogan podcast with Glenn Greenwald and came away feeling like I had something to say about writing. They were critiquing the news media and how some are afraid to speak truth to power because that truth is not in-line with the media culture orthodoxy. That got me thinking? What do I think that I don’t say out loud that may not be popular with my friend cohort? I know what they are. But I think I am pretty honest and outspoken with things I believe so I don’t have too many.

I will cover one. I have a very hard time with Transgender rights and all movement behind people wanting to switch genders. I think it’s too much, too soon and we need to talk about it a lot more before we have a generation of disaffected young people who wake up one day and go? FUCK ME!! I’M A MAN!!! OR I’M A WOMAN!! I am not supposed to be!
It’s one thing to get a tattoo when you are kid. It’s another to have your breasts removed or your dick chopped off. (yes, I’m being intensionally hyperbolic)
I don’t claim to know enough or understand it. But I know when something is over the top.

And that is why you have to write. Get your beliefs and thoughts out into the ether, because THEN you can talk about it. I am happy to be wrong, I am happy to talk about it, I am happy to even fight about it. Put putting a stake in the ground and having a point of view shouldn’t be something we’re afraid to do.

By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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