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Oppression Rankings – who is the most oppressed?

I was going to go through a whole fantasy sports draft of who were the most oppressed groups in American history and realized it was going to be terrible and awful. I had some good jokes written but thought of my better angels (taking Retards and Red-heads on wheel picks, was the coup de grâce. )

I really had this convoluted idea about the intersection of all the different people who have been damage and all the identities we have in this country…. how do we handle the oppression of a black, woman, lesbian, with Red Hair? What category would they fit into?
How do we handle a white man, who is disabled, jewish, autistic, has is gender dysmorphic and living in poverty with a opiod addiction? Stuff starts getting weird really fast. I am trying to drive at the absurdity of the categorization that this country employs as a means of judging who has had it the worst, who is deserving of sympathy and what causes we can pick up.

I’m also disturbed at how the election coverage has degraded into boxed categories – suburban white woman, latinos, blacks, college education white males, no college white woman… and on and on. It’s pretty vile and reductive. We are just creating scapegoats for things we don’t like. We create “Karens” for suburban white woman, and “MAGA” for uneducated whites or Park Slope residents for college educated whites.

What is this for? To make it easy to explain? To make it easy to market to? For advertising? I hate it. And unless we get out of reducing citizens to demographics we’ll never get out of this.

By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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