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A Celebration of Victory – but not for who you think.

Today, Joe Biden was officially designated as President-Elect of the United States of America. He will be the 46th man sworn into the Office. I voted for him, but he’s not a great candidate – he’s middling at best, but that’s he’s not important.

What is important is the United States is going to have its 46th transition of power in our 230 or so years of elections. It’s not easy to do. There are very few countries that have even 2 transitions of power without a war or a murder.

We aren’t perfect, but we had the largest voter turn out in our history. And if nothing else, Donald Trump has help us all understand the value of our voices. We are a giant country with so many different peoples and we have to accept the messiness of Democracy and voting. We have trust our processes and institutions. It’s VITAL. It’s vital that we collectively believe and accept the will of our fellow US citizens.

We haven’t done a good job of that lately. The Russian investigation didn’t help and how everyone reacted to Trump being elected was bad. How people reacted to Obama was bad. We’ve been on a continued path to degrade our trust institutions and we need to strengthen them.

How is that done? It’s a good question. And I don’t know the answer to it. But I hope that our latest peaceful transition of power will help us along.

By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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