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A Coup? Come on man. Coup hysteria is just the latest left conspiracy

Listen, Trump is a lot of things. A goon, a douche bag, a scumbag, a con man, a huckster….. a dictator? Come on. Which one is he? A moron who can’t manage a way out of paper bag? Who couldn’t get any legislation passed and got played by Ryan and McConnell? No one he is around knows how to manage a coup. Everyone knows its a military that you need. There is no fraud, there is no public will for a coup.
I have been guilty of hyperbole with Trump. I swore there would be a Reichstag fire event. I swore our democracy was doomed dozens of times. I’ve flipped, flopped and flipped again… and you know what? I was wrong. Trump is not Hitler. Hitler had ideology and people who FOLLOWED that ideology. Trump has nothing. There is no such thing as Trumpism. It’s just Trump…. it’s not enough.
Also?? Is Russiagate really that different from crying voter fraud? I mean? It’s not like us Democrats accepted the results of 2016?/ (In fact, many of us still haven’t) So we should understand how our Republican fellow citizens feel now.
Anyway, Trump will huff and puff and bluster. He won’t concede, he won’t do anything we expect and Biden will just have to take office on January 20th without him.

By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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