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My New York Sports Legion of Doom.

Who are you most hated New York Sport Villains?

A few weeks ago I did my Mount Rushmore of New York Sports. People liked it, it was a bit of lighter fare. But now I want to talk about the other side. The opponents that ruined us. The players who caused more pain, fear and intimidation for me than any player or team could. The criteria are: did I fear them? did I hate them? did I desperately want to beat them? This one is a little tougher because they might just end up being all Red Sox, but I am going to try and mix it up. These are my four most hated opponents.
David Ortiz – there are so many Red Sox to loathe, but he embodied the evil that was the “Idiot” Red Sox team of 2003-7… It could have been Pedro Martinez, or Manny Ramirez… or for me personally, Trot Nixon…. but it had to be Papi. If for no other reason… because he was actually likable… but that mutherfucker destroyed the Yankees.
Jaromir Jagr – not sure why one of the greatest hockey players who ever lived popped into my head… but I remember now… When he and Lemieux ruled the Penguins… It was Jagr and his disgusting mullet that seemed to be the destroyer of my soul. The other would have been Scott Stevens but it’s Jagr for me.
Jack Clark – from an obscure time but the 1985-87 St. Louis Cardinals were fucking pure evil. With Whitey Herzog and all their goddamn basestealers… it seemed they kicked the shit out of the Mets all the time. Anyway… Clark was there one power guy for 3 of those years and my god in 87 he ruined my life.
Michael Jordan – could it have been anyone else? I never got the Jordan thing. I fucked hated him, I hated the Bulls and the worst trick pulled on us poor Knicks fans, is that we thought we had a chance… By the way? Charles Smith was fouled.

Who are your most hated New York Sport Villians?

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