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Grateful to my friends

Asking for help is magic.

Yesterday, I posted that I was having a hard time. I just am or was, or currently live in it whatever…. The important thing was the saying it out loud and publicly. It seemed to make a difference for me and for others. Several people reached out to me directly to try and help and tell me I wasn’t alone. While there were many Facebook posts, I’d like to shout out Alex Shafiro, who messaged me to make sure I kept perspective. Despite the fact that he supports Liverpool, he was magnanimous and kind. And I needed that. Also? Melanie Shed who reached out to me to help me kick on from a work perspective. She’s in England and doing it for herself but reached out help.

With friends like that, how could I really have a hard time? Thank you all who posted on Facebook and those who liked things and for everyone who is with me. My family, my Brooklyn Tech alumni, old work friends and of course Lisa and Aveline who make everyday worth it times 100x. I’m going to be ok.

By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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