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The Story of East Harlem FC (made with AI)

* Once upon a time, in a small neighborhood of New York City, there was a football team called East Harlem FC. They were a strong team, but they were facing a difficult season. The team had been dealt a heavy blow when they were hit with a 15 point deduction for a violation they didn’t commit. The neighborhood was in despair and the team was on the brink of relegation.

But all hope was not lost. The team’s coach, a man named Laurent Courtines, was determined to save East Harlem FC from their fate. He worked tirelessly with the team, drilling them on their plays and building their confidence. He was a true leader, and the team rallied behind him.

As the season progressed, East Harlem FC fought tooth and nail, determined to climb their way out of the bottom of the league. And slowly but surely, they began to make progress. They won game after game, and soon they were in the hunt for promotion.

The final match of the season was a playoff final against their bitter rivals, the Gramercy Park Rovers. The stakes were high, and tensions were running high. East Harlem FC were in the lead, but in the final minutes of the match, their goalkeeper was injured and unable to continue.

But Coach Courtines had a plan. He leapt into action, donning the goalkeeper gloves and taking his place between the posts. The Gramercy Park Rovers launched a desperate attack, but Coach Courtines was equal to the task. He made save after save, and East Harlem FC held on for the win.

The neighborhood erupted in celebration, and East Harlem FC had secured promotion. Coach Courtines had saved the day, and his team will always be grateful for his leadership and determination. He will always be remembered as the coach who saved his team from relegation and led them to glory.

* This whole story and images was generated with a very simply prompt and a image generated with Midjourney.
The image I used was:

The prompt in Midjourney was: heroic footballer in the rain. The prompt created the four images…

The Story about East Harlem FC? Well, that was Chat GPT just asking for a story about relegation with the team name East Harlem FC.

There is so much to do… and so much that will change.

By Laurent Courtines

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