Crap Football, Crap pundit. FA Cup 5th round… Manchester City OUT…. oh and F&$k Wigan Athletic

Ugh! This was a sad day... the darkness returned... Manchester City bounced by shit bird Wigan, AGAIN... for the 3rd time in 5 years... I was sad... Reaction video... then Crap football, Crap pundit... Reaction: Crap Football, Crap pundit. A more reserved... less sad... Please post any suggestions you might have for the videos.

Premier League Football LIVE Week 2: Crap Football from a Crap Pundit

Some may have seen it already, but I'll be posting it here as well. I continued to be inspired by The Men In Blazers and all the football YouTube community to continue to post live.  Here is the latest: My friend Mike made the excellent suggestion to do away with recap and focus on the …