Did Everton vs Man City and Arsenal v Brighton results end the Premier League Race?

Can you imagine being part of the youngest team in the Premier League and giving Manchester City a run for their money? That’s exactly what Arsenal did this season, and we’re here to celebrate their achievements, as well as those of Manchester City, who claimed their Premier League title after an incredible performance against Everton and Arsenal. Ilkay Gundogan, in particular, stole the show with his goal and assist, fueling speculation about his future with Barcelona.

Away from the top of the table, we dive into the heart-pounding relegation battle and top-four race. We discuss the crucial wins for Crystal Palace and Manchester United, while also analyzing Brighton’s impressive performance against Arsenal. The tension is palpable as we predict the outcomes for Nottingham Forest, Everton, Leeds, and Leicester, and debate who will stay up and who will be relegated.

Finally, we tackle the managerial shake-ups happening in the English Premier League and Champions League. We share our thoughts on Frank Lampard’s struggles as Chelsea manager, the hiring of Mauricio Pochettino, and the successes of Roy Hodgson and Brighton’s Graham Potter. As we explore the upcoming Champions League clashes between Inter Milan and AC Milan, as well as Real Madrid and Manchester City, we look forward to the results and what they could mean for the future of English football. Tune in to experience the emotional rollercoaster that is the Premier League!


Time Stamps:

0:00:00 – Celebrating Arsenal and Manchester City’s Seasons

0:03:56 – Arsenal’s Disappointing Triumph (69 Seconds)

0:06:30 – Manchester City’s Evolution With Pep Guardiola

0:09:06 – Gary Neville Praises Current City Team

0:11:28 – Gundogan Shines as City Cruise

0:16:27 – Brighton Dominates Arsenal

0:19:41 – Relegation Battle and Top Four Race

0:22:02 – Premier League Remaining Fixtures Analysis

0:30:39 – Tottenham Slips to Aston Villa

0:32:01 – Champions League and Managerial Updates

0:37:26 – Real Madrid’s Champions League Injuries


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0:00:00 - Speaker 1

Hello and welcome to the squeaky bum time podcast, but then exclusively on the Chop Sports channel of the Premier Streaming Network. We are recording this on Sunday, may 14th. I am your host, laurent Cortines. In this episode, we celebrate Arsenal and we celebrate Manchester City's championship, we review the relegation zone and say goodbye to Southampton. But first, please celebrate Arsenal and Manchester City as their race has ended. Before we get into it, please like, share and subscribe. Like, share and subscribe. It means everything to us and let's get into the show. It is time for celebration. It is time to crown a champion. It is time for appreciation.

Today was the biggest day of the Premier League season and this is the reason why Our challenger, manchester City, hauled back Arsenal. Arsenal lost their spot, pushed themselves back, lifted themselves up, got up off the mat, got themselves their couple of wins, but today was the day that it ended. Arsenal lost at home, 0-3-2. The powerful and well-coached and feisty and without fear, brighton and Hove Albion. I think this should be a celebration, while City defeated probably their tougher, secretly a tough game 3-0 at Everton 0-3, excuse me, both scores the same. Interesting. We have two goals by Ilkai Gundogan, who we should celebrate as one of the City greats, sort of our understated first signing under Pep and a goal from, of course, the unstoppable Erling Holland. And today is a day for celebration. We celebrate Arsenal, arsenal pushing City as far as they did. We celebrate the fact that they had the great season. We celebrate the fact that they were the youngest team in the league and pushed City as hard as they did for as long as they did. They were on 50 points after 19 games and now on 36 games, they've only added an additional 31.

So you can see that the pressure ultimately did come down and Arsenal's depth came into play. First it was Saliba going down and you had to play holding for a long, long time. Then Thomas Partes sort of run as the central linchpin force started to wane, especially after the City game where he really got beat badly, and while we all thought that the Gabriel J Zouze injury in the middle of the season was going to hurt and Ketia did a great job, trussard lifted them up for a while. But it seemed as the season wore on and as those issues of depth and came on, arsenal just could not sustain their season. First it was the 2-0 up against Liverpool getting pegged back for a draw in the second half. Then it was West Ham being up to getting pegged back and then the coup de gras, the falling behind 2-0 to South Hamden at home and having to just eke out a 3-3 draw. Those were where the season went. And then the City game where you just got completely outclassed, able to bring yourself back up, able to bring yourself back into the game.

But I think Arsenal fans should view this as a celebration as much. It can be both things It can be disappointing and it can be a triumph. But at the same time, the back end of the season, these last 10 games have been difficult. The last eight, especially when they were up eight points with 10 games to go, 11 games to go, and having all those points dropped, the six only getting three out of nine. That six dropped and then the other three against City, and now this is these points that they just dropped, these three against Brighton. It's hard to have these games happen to you. It's hard And I feel, for Arsenal fans and we could see during the game that they kept part of the empty had was pushing Arsenal.

But really the vision of the day was the camera sort of panning to all the fans leaving And I just couldn't believe that that the Emirates was emptying out. Who are those fans? Do you not know the history of your club? Do you not know what your team has achieved? Like why are you leaving? What's wrong with you? You just got to get home because Arsenal being losing a game when you're about, when you had a chance to push for the league title, you can't appreciate your club. You can't appreciate soccer and Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus. You can't appreciate Chaka turning around his season. You can't appreciate OdaGuard trying to lift a team on his own. You can't appreciate Gabrielle pushing and trying to defend as much as you could, can't appreciate Ramsdale keeping you in games, can't appreciate our TETA keeping the team together and trying to fight to the end for a team that's average age is under 25, a full year and a half younger than Manchester City and the rest of the league for that matter. So I say celebrate Arsenal, be disappointed, be sad, be upset at what could have been, but also appreciate what actually happened. You had Bournemouth, you had Aston Villa, massive games that will make your season, and just appreciate everything that happened. On the other side, we crown a champion, a real champion.

Manchester City have gone up, in my estimation, to another level. I think the 17, 18 Centurions were the primarily trying to deal with Pep changing football and going what the fuck is this, with Sade and Sterling just running like crazy and the silver-de-bron partnership in the middle I think Goodlegone was out that year or whatever, who knows who was in or out. Then there was the rise of Liverpool, who pushed City to change and match them, game for game for game for game for two seasons. Then City went down a notch. There was our bad season where our defense needed to change over after company left and we had all the injuries at the back and Fernandinho's playing the midfield. Then we have this new Diaz era, in the middle of the pandemic, when Diaz came in and we sort of changed again. And now we have another change with City which is much more solid. And I wanted to say this a while ago and I didn't.

As much as Pep changed British football, english football has changed Pep Guardiola. City are far more pragmatic than they've ever been. They are much more defensive defense first versus offense first. We're not trying to blow people away, we're getting a three goal lead and sitting on it. It's a different style. This Guardiola team. This current iteration of Pep, this last three on a trot team, is much more defensive, is much more possession based, control based and just has everything it needs. It's much more stable and, i think, different than the first two games, the first two Pete. That happened under Pep And English football has influenced him.

City are defense first, city are get stuck in, city are crosses in the box with Holland. This is an English team. Now There's Englishness through this squad. John Stones figure prominently, kyle Walker figures prominently, phil Foden figures prominently, ruben Diaz is about as English a defender as a Portuguese player can be And we have that steel and metal and never say die spirit that an English team needs. It's very I'm going to say it and you may, united fans can get mad. It's a very man, united under Ferguson style club. And you've heard it. You've heard it from Gary Neville.

Gary Neville has said in recent months is babe his post game podcast that he does with Martin Tyler. He said I like this city team more than the previous past happy city team. He likes this team with Holland. It feels more English, it feels more direct, it feels more like connected to the Premier League as a team that represents the Premier League versus a team that is invading the Premier League. This city side is a Premier League champion side. It's much more sturdy and rugged And I think we're seeing that in in how it's faring in Europe. They're very solid and very strong And I hope that the Premier League team is going to be solid and very strong And I hope that I know that this always happens with city and it's that when city win the league, the we're the antagonist, we are the inevitable. The other team, the arsenal, the Liverpool, become the protagonist. and all poor arsenal, or all poor Liverpool, weren't they great? Happened in 14, happened in 13, 14, happened last game of the season. City's stories aren't as interesting because we don't have as many fans. So I get it. Writers write about who gets clicks and who's more interesting, but this city team is a little bit different and they put arsenal in their place. Frankly to, you're not ready, it's not time for you, it's time for us and City with Holland and just steamrolled through this game today.

I do wanna get into some of the specifics of the two games. Let's start with Manchester City three Everton Nill at Godison. Everton did their Everton thing within Godison Park Still a difficult place to go And they made it tough for a half an hour. But of course, city controlled. City had everything in the. You know, city controlled, city had everything going. Dice went a little bit more, a little bit more defensive, changing some things out for his more defensive side, but City didn't have a tremendous offensive performance. Just nine shots on target. Just nine shots four on target.

Gundogan's goal on 37 was from across out, from Márez across to the other side. The touch with the knee and then the quick flick with the other foot is just, it's just next level, like Ilká Gundogan after last season when he scored the two goals in the three minutes to put City up against Aston Villa to win the league. He's just an underrated player And whenever City have big moments, he's that player. And the first season without Aguero, it's Gundogan who was the one who gets in the box and scores, leads a team in goals with 13 in the league. It's Gundogan who was Pep Guardiola's first signing and he hurts his knee and misses the first season And we don't have a great first season And maybe it's different if Gundogan's there.

But he is our controller, he is our tempo setter. He can do just about whatever is asked, especially in the midfield, from playing deep, taking balls from defenders into playing in the middle as the double eights, with De Bruyne to be getting into the box and getting onto things. He's our most reliable shooter from outside the box and tends to keep control more than try and make line spin and passes. But what a player, what a legend. It's possible He may leave Manchester City. There are offers out there for him to go to Barcelona. I hope that he doesn't go. I know he just had a baby, so maybe he wants to go home or maybe he wants to be in a nicer climate than living in Manchester, which of course is not exactly the best place in the universe.

But Everton were game for this. I don't think they hang their heads down or they're hurt. Same kind of thing. De Corre and Pickford and Patterson and Holgate and Jerry Mina was getting in people's faces. That was their back line. Garner came in again with a woby and gay Cobbert Lewin came in, but once it got to three-nil I think Dice sort of recognized. Hey, this isn't the game for us. We're gonna pull our important players, our injury-porn players, and get out of that In early in the second half.

Sorry, after Gundogan's goal. Then two minutes later Erling Haun, on a header on a cross, puts it in and City are up two and cruising. At that point Gundogan with the assist on that, márez on the first one, and then the Coutagras early in the second half, free kick on a run by Foden where he almost gets his knee knocked off. Oh God, gundogan takes a quick free kick up bins against that flapping bird that is Pickford and City are up two-nil, i mean three-nil And from there just cruise. It's really a foregone conclusion about what's gonna happen in the game. Phillips comes on, grealish comes on, silva comes on, sergio Gomez comes on, just kind of seeing the thing out.

Everton have a few chances, but not too much that are too worried about. I think Edison had to make a couple saves. But this is a tough game that City got a hold of, got themselves through and have to feel good about where they are and what they did and what moves them forward. On the Arsenal side they also lose nil three and Siso on 51 from a, a cross in the box where Hivriar gets his foot stepped on, but really by Ferguson, and sort of goes down. It's very slight but I'm sure it's real, but I think he kind of gave up. If he had just stood there and didn't go down, maybe he prevents Unda and Siso from the goal.

And this is a battling game, i have to say it's Chompy, it's Biddy, there's fouls everywhere. Andy Madly just didn't seem to want to call anything or give any cards out early in the game. So it's very competitive and Brighton do their thing. They do this thing that they do that I think I talked about a few weeks ago, which is they really lower teams onto them and literally like stand with the ball in the back in front of their keeper and really played to Arsenal's desire to press, and when you get too close and when they feel like there's enough of their numbers on their side of the pitch, they just fire a ball across field into one of their wide players. In this case, matoma kept on attacking. Ben White just couldn't really prevent those attacks from happening, or Casado getting forward or Estopian getting forward.

It was really, really, really a good performance by Brighton, specifically in the second half, where I think Arsenal kind of ran out of gas or really sensed the moment was a hard time for them. I mean, brighton had 59, 60% possession. You just don't see that from Arsenal. Arsenal just couldn't get a hold of the ball and they seem to have fallen into the Brighton trap And while the first half was much more competitive, the second half was really, really a masterclass by Brighton.

I think there are moments in this game. Saka had a really good shot that he probably scores early and maybe that changes the game. Gabriel J Zouz had a goal side shot that nearly got through, but maybe not. I mean, those were the two shots on target. That was not a shot on target, but Arsenal didn't do as much as you would have liked, just not really at their best, unable to break Brighton down, unable to get the ball off of them, and it was a choppy battling game.

And I think, as the game wore on and on and on, arsenal just couldn't find the gear. And, to be fair, they did lose Martinelli early to an ankle injury after he tried to kill Matoma Felt like a retaliatory hit, i don't know, but again, that was that sort of fighty-battley thing early in the game, both teams trying to assert their dominance within the game, but Martinelli had to come off on 24-trust. Frost-art did hit the post. So there were chances for Arsenal, just they didn't go in Brighton and Hall-Valveen grew into the game and they score a second goal on 86 and then a third on 96.

Probably a little bit harsh to three nils, probably more of a one-nil, but with dominance or not too much in the game. But Brighton really in the second half dominated Arsenal in a way that we really haven't seen aside from City. So City dominated them quite a lot, especially in that first half of the three nil earlier in the season when City took the lead. But otherwise this was a really Strong performance by Brighton, who deserve the praises. As anyone who listens to the show knows, i'm in love with this team. This is one of my favorite teams in the league And I've been talking about them from Potter now on to deserve you with the goals. They're even better now. So just an amazing season from them and they get themselves into a decent place. But we've talked about the champ. We talked about the title race, which is now settled. City can win the league next week with a win It's in their hands or a draw or a loss by Arsenal to Nottingham Forest.

But let's go through the rest of the scores. Saturday leads to Newcastle to leads, get their needed points, but it might not have been enough. They probably feel like they should have gotten more. Banford missed the penalty and had missed that open goal two weeks earlier against Arsenal. But Arsenal, aston Villa, dominate Tottenham. Tottenham did not show up for half. They win 2-1 in a great win for Aston Villa, who stick their claim into the European places Chelsea 2, nottingham Forest to a massive point. For Steve Cooper coming off their win. They probably feel like they could have won, but that was a great performance for him And he was sterling with two goals.

We haven't seen for a while Crystal Palace defeat Bournemouth 2-0 at home, selhurst Park. This is an Eze game. This is the Eze Allouise show. My God, alise's pass for Eze's second goal Frostfield on a dime. We go watch the highlights on YouTube for this Crystal Palace game. Alise and Eze are just incredible. If they hold on to both of them, crystal Palace is a job that I would want. That's a great team.

Then the great and powerful Manchester United do get the win. They need First Wolves Martial with one, garnaccio with one late to make it look a lot cleaner than it needed to be, and then the Manchester United get their clean sheet. De Gea, despite his rough season and almost throwing that game away against West Ham is going to win the Golden Gloves for most clean sheets. And then Fulham relegate our friends from South Hampton to 0-2. And then West Ham didn't go out with a whimper. Today's games, brighton solidified their top half finish, beating West Ham 2-0, west Ham lots of rotation trying to win the Europa Conference League, so not their normal group. And then we had our 0-3 Everton City and 0-3 Arsenal Brighton. We do have a game on Monday and Thursday. Monday we have Leicester vs Liverpool, but we'll cover that game on Thursday along with Newcastle playing Brighton and Hall of Albion. So we will go into the relegation battle.

Big, big matches here. Nottingham Forest getting their point. They're sitting on 34. They get two from Oweni one early, a headed cross that he just puts in after a turnover Typical, he was right in the middle of the goal And then to level the game. Another one off the head of Iwani who then levels it for Nottingham Forest They live to play another day. So they are on 34. Everton sit in 17th, just above the relegation zone, on 32, with Leeds in 18th, on 31. Leicester yet to play, on 30. And then we have said goodbye to Southampton. Just in terms of remaining fixtures. Let's just make sure. I give that a look, just so we know who's playing who, what happens and who has the best shot at getting through this thing.

We will start with Nottingham Forest. They have Arsenal at home next week That's a big game, i'd say And then they finish the season away at Crystal Palace Not a too difficult fixture. They probably need a point from these two, maybe two. A win makes them safe, no doubt about it. But this loss by Arsenal probably helps Nottingham Forest quite a bit, because Arsenal are hurting, probably licking their wounds, and a bit sad, and we'll see what happens there. And then Crystal Palace, if they have a problem, will be their final game of the season for them.

Then we'll go on to Everton, who you know. I'm sure they would have liked to have won this game or gotten something from it against Manchester City, but it's just not to be Deish trying to save Calvert-Lewin, i think. For them they have an away game against Wolves, which they'll feel really good about, and then home against Bournemouth to finish the season. I think if they can get to the magical 35 points this season, they should be safe. But a win probably keeps them up And some of those draws earlier on probably hurt them, but they've gotten four points out of their last three. They probably need another two or a win and they'll be safe. They'll like their chances versus Wolves and Bournemouth. I like their schedule, i like their coach. So I think that Everton and Nottingham Forest will probably be safe And I think we'll probably end up saying goodbye to Leeds despite the nice draw versus Neucastle.

They do have West Ham away, who at this point are kind of on the beach. This might be a shot for Big Sam Atta-Dice. And then they finish the season at home versus Tottenham. Tottenham right now are awful. I could see Leeds getting a couple here, but I don't think their finishing is quite there and they're not defending well. We don't know what'll happen.

Then we have Lester, who should be the team that everyone that stays up, but they've been so, so poor. They have the toughest run of schedule. They have home to Liverpool on Monday, then away next Monday at St James's Park against Neucastle and then home to West Ham. They have the least amount of points. So Lester on 30. Again, two wins puts anyone through for sure, but Nottingham Forest on 34. Everton on 32. A goal difference is starting to matter. Leeds on 31. Lester City minus 15 on 30. So it'll be between Nottingham, everton, leeds and Lester. Two will go, two will stay. Advantage forest, advantage Everton. They're on 34, 32, 31 and 30. That win that Nottingham Forest got was just gigantic. They have the worst goal difference of the group. So they really have to win out on points and they're lucky to have 34, but just two games to go for them.

I'm thinking. I don't know. I want forest and Everton to stay up. I could see leads unless they're going, but anything is possible. They're still be a twist in this tail for leads. They've got to feel good about what happened at forest and feel at against at home, against new castle. So big stand having an effect, but still they're still all over the shop and really giving up a lot there.

But stranger things have happened. Lester I don't trust at all. They're the ones that, despite the talent, despite everything, those 21 losses are just really holding them back. They have the most wins that I, like I said probably months ago, nine wins was going to get you there. But for Lester, all no draws. They just didn't seem to know they were in a relegation fight at some point And the, the draws that forest, everton and leads have got four more over Lester city are equal to the wind that that that they have. And so Lester really all the losses of, just like losing games that they probably could have drawn or probably could have ground out. Brendan Rogers just never seem to want to do that. No, he had not show he's out for the rest of the season. I don't know what's going to happen there. Dean Smith is not exactly a defensive manager and he has been trying to just go for business.

I could see this Liverpool game tomorrow being like a five four with with Liverpool winning five four, because that's just where Lester is right now. Their best bet is to try and outscore people, but I don't know what will happen. And we let's go back up to the top of the table. So the relegation battle We still don't know anything, but it is advantage, not in forest and Everton. Everton based on schedule, forest based on points, and then at the top, at the top end, we were worried about Manchester United, but now they're on. They have a four point lead on Liverpool for the top four level on points with Newcastle United. Newcastle United have the far superior goal difference. Liverpool still have Lester to play. So they'll, they'll, they'll have extra points. They have Lester, villa and Southampton. Two of those games are away and Liverpool have been poor away from home all season. So you know, there's that. And United have.

United are good. They're not a bad team, like I said. I mean they. They've had some rough results here and there, especially the two game losing streak, but they have. They're away to Bournemouth, they're home to Chelsea and home to full. They're great at home. So they probably just need the one more win. It will be interesting to see what happens with the great, powerful Manchester United. And then United do have a chance to play against Manchester City, which is crazy. Newcastle have let's just make sure for the sake of completion completion this they have brightened at home on Thursday. Then Lester and Chelsea, chelsea away. So teams playing each other will know more.

As we keep going, as we keep struggling through, as we keep understanding these last days of the season, these last weeks of the season, things are changing and pulling in together and things are getting a little bit solidified as we get down to the end of this season And this is the end of the season Really excited. We know essentially who our champion is going to be. It's going to be Manchester City. I think we knew it, but any losses by, any slip by, arsenal was really going to take it away. And this weekend City, just impervious at this point, have not lost in 14 games. So really no chance for Arsenal to come back into it. And then we have, united, having to fend off a charging.

Liverpool, who are on a six game winning streak, will know more on Monday where they are. United will have a game in hand on Liverpool, so they are sitting on 66. So a lot of things to still go for and we don't know who will be relegated. But again, advantage not even Forest and Everton, while Leeds and Lester scrap it out. Even though they have the better offences, they simply can't stop anyone at all. Cooper with the continuity, dice with the fight, and then we have Leeds with Big Sam just doing whatever, and Dean Smith. The more recent firing and changes of managers have not have been required. Bounce that you would expect.

Other Europa spots, tottenham slipping to Aston Villa. They're in that six seven spot. They're both even on points, only two points of goal difference between them. Can you imagine Villa and Tottenham are exactly the same if you had said that at the start of the season I would have laughed at you. But at this point Tottenham can defend. Don't show up to games. They did not take a shot on target or a shot period in the first half against Aston Villa. Once again, harry Kane had to create something out of nothing in that game. A second half, of course, as per the whole season, tottenham were better, but you know you, games are played in two halves and in the first half no shots at all from Tottenham. Second half came into it specifically back half of first ten fit last about ten minutes into the second half. Then you started to see things go on. You had Kane's penalty, you had Arnaud. You know Dan Juma and Kulashewski both had shots day on. Kulashewski also had a really good chance late in the half, but otherwise Bailey and Douglas Louie I mean Ramsey's goal early and then Douglas Louie's goal on a free kick late sealed the fate for Aston Villa.

Who I am re, is a real manager. Wouldn't it be nice if Spurs had who I am re at this point? what are you doing, daniel Levy? what are you doing? speaking of managers, spurs don't have one. Nogosman has turned him down and Chelsea do, as of this recording. Maricio Pochettino, after six weeks of negotiation, has got his whole staff, everyone's in, he's got everything he needs in place, but he's not taking over the team beforehand. So fat Frank keeps fucking up. The 2-2 draw against Nottingham Forest. I mean that should never happen at Stanford Bridge. Nottingham Forest have not scored any goals away from home. But hey, it's Frank, so they have no plan.

Chelsea draw with Nottingham Forest. Frank will see the games out, see the season out. He will go on the record as the worst finish of Chelsea manager ever, even though he did take over somewhere in the middle. There, you know they're not gonna finish in the top half. They're in 11th place. Crystal Palace can beat them. They're ahead of Crystal Palace because they have a game in hand on them, but the same amount of points. So you'd expect Chelsea to find some points somewhere that would move them ahead of of Crystal Palace. But Uncle Roy has got the palace machine firing. There's hope at Palace and there's no hope at Chelsea. There's joy at Palace and there's no joy at Chelsea. And one has a 76 year old manager and one has a 46 year old manager. One is lifeless and turgid that would be Frank Lampard and one is, you know, a steady hand who knows how to manage teams, you know. You know Roy Hodgson is on year 46 of managing. There's a reason. Guy knows what he's doing. So that's happened there.

Puccatino will come in in the summer. He will not come in beforehand. Some debate as to whether Puccatino should come in now. Maybe it's a, maybe it's a pride thing. He doesn't want to be the manager there early and have a fifth team and then doesn't want to start there. But we had the most manager changes in a season and it just makes sense that Puccatino would come in here. I don't think it's going. It's at the good teams all have the same manager Brentford, good team. Liverpool, good team United new manager didn't change it. New castle continuity. Arsenal continuity, manchester City continuity, west Ham and Nottingham Forest both teams are safe continuity. I wonder if some of those teams might not have made changes. The only the only managerial changes that have really changed the fortunes of the team are Palace although that might be a schedule thing and I think Everton going from Lampard to Dice is just a massive. It's like shocking better, oh, and I think, a massive upgrade. Deserby from Potter I don't think anyone saw that coming. Deserby and Brighton. Just amazing play, especially after today's result. Just just so much fun. So much there. We're gonna go to the Champions League now.

On Tuesday we will have Inter Milan vs AC Milan. inter take a two goal lead into the second leg. Inter just in much better shape. They completely dominated this game. Simone in Zagny has inter as a cup team. They know what they're doing. They've got the veteran leadership in McIntyre and and Jekko and Chaka Naglu. They just have know how. They're a reigning champion of Italy, same with with AC Milan, but they've had a lot more changeover versus first. Inter and inter have more recent couple success, having one, i believe they won the Italian Cup more recently. Anyway, good stuff there. They have a two goal lead and there's. They're not going home or away because they all play in a sense here. So this is nothing changing there.

And then City on Wednesday versus Real Madrid. The only news there is City got an easy win. I think it's kind of important that it was not a high level of exertion here. Historical matchups, three wins, three draws, three losses, completely even Sydney, if City have scored 13 goals and Real Madrid have scored 14 goals. So about as even as you possibly can get over the last 10 years very, very close, very, very close.

City have won most of the games at home. Yes, they've won the last two at home. No, they have yet to lose the Real Madrid at home. There you go, wait up, i believe. So I think that's right. Yes, no, i don't know, i can't read this stupid thing. Anyway, and they come in relatively injury free. So city have all their guys. They are unbeaten at home in Europe. They are unbeaten at home in the league, or maybe they have one loss and they arrested.

Meanwhile, madrid did lose Camarvinga. He did catch a pretty bad knee injury. He was very important in the first leg, playing left fullback and stepping into the midfield. He helped create the Venetians goal by running past Bernardo Silva guys, we were playing man to man. So Real Madrid, they come into this game with a little bit of injury and a little older, but I mean, it's Real Madrid in the Champions League.

I don't know what else you're supposed to say. They're just fucking beasts and I hate them and I hope that Manchester City has an easy game and we'll cover it on Thursday, all the results sooner rather than later. But it is just one of these things where you know, we don't get great build up in European football because you football is so even and so hard to analyze. You can sort of make all sorts of conversations about every single player when, ultimately, what happens on the pitch is all that matters. And until that happens, is not really that many adjustments that can happen. I'd expect city to come out and do the same thing all over again, with Bernardo being in that wing spot versus Maras, but PEP is PEP. He has reasons to do everything. I don't know what he's going to do. He's a madman, but this city is.

This episode is about celebration. City will be Premier League champions. Arsenal, a worthy are charging opponent who did the best they could under the circumstances of what they were given. They were a fantastic, fantastic side, still still the youngest team in the league after Southampton, almost a full year, a full year younger than leads. Well, six months younger city or full two years older. So just a great, great, great team And they should be proud about what they have done, especially with soccer. And Martin Ali is just city or a juggernaut. And you ran into a buzz song. Okay, that was the squeaky bum time podcast with Laurent Cortines. We are the football wing of the chop sports channel and presented exclusively by the premier streaming network. We record on Mondays and Thursdays, so be sure to subscribe wherever you get your path podcast so you never miss an episode. And if you're listening on Apple, please review the show. It means everything. Thank you And good day.

By Laurent Courtines

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