Premier League Epic Clash: Manchester City vs Liverpool, Best-Run Clubs, and Football Management Insights

In this exhilarating episode #240 of the Squeaky Bum Time Podcast, join host Laurent Courtines as we:

  • Dive into the highly anticipated match between Manchester City and Liverpool, discussing their incredible passion, intensity, and mutual respect, along with analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, and current form.
  • Touch on the impact of injuries and potential lineup changes, as well as Arsenal’s recent performance and chances of winning the league.
  • Delve into the fascinating stories of Brighton and Brentford, two of the best-run clubs in the Premier League.
  • Explore early Premier League history between Manchester United and Newcastle.
  • Go beyond the games and dive deep into the intriguing world of football managers, examining the different types of coaches and their roles within their clubs.

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Time Stamps

00:00 – The New Classico – Manchester City vs Liverpool

04:10 – Liverpool vs. Manchester City Analysis

11:50 – Assessing Leandro Trossard impact on Arsenal’s title hopes

14:54 – Best Run Clubs in Premier League

15:33 – Comparing Brighton and Brentford Football Clubs

19:34 – Football Previews: Spurs vs Everton,

23:16 – Premier League History – Newcastle vs Manchester United

27:27 – Potter’s Chelsea vs Unai Emery’s Aston Villa game

31:20 – Predictions and struggles in upcoming football matches

35:24 – Importance & Politics of Premier League Managers

38:48 – Rotating Managers of Superclubs


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Hello, and welcome to the squeaky bum time podcast presented exclusively on the CHOP Sports channel of the premier streaming network. We are recording this on Thursday, March thirtieth, thirtieth. I am your host, Laurent Cortins. In this episode, the International bake is over. Thank God. We can bogey with Scotland in the internationals.


But first, The scariest game of the year is back. It is Manchester City versus Liverpool at the Etihad, and I am going to get into it. First, like share, subscribe. Like share, subscribe. Grab it on Facebook, grab it on YouTube. Grab it on your favorite podcast player. The squeaky bum time podcast is everywhere. It's on the premier streaming network.


But they are our friends and let us go where we wanna go. So get involved and get to it. So first, I wanna go straight to Liverpool City because these games are the what I call the newest classical over the last five years, these games have been incredible, passionate, intense, the best football you can see. It's not shippy. There's no violence between these two teams. But they have a mutual respect. The fans know that it's a game that we both feel awful about. I know Manny has deep seated hatred for seeing Bernardo Silva run down and close everything down he can find in the universe he never stops running never stops ever, but that's why he always plays in these games because he's absolutely incredible. Both teams come in an okay form city just on a good streak of unbeaten in their last seven and their last six with a draw, Liverpool losing their last match to born No. No. That's not their last match. What? Did they lose their last mesh de Beaumont before the international break? Yes, they did. Oh, what a pathetic team there? They're having a very, very tough season. I forgot how shit they've been. So that's pretty incredible and pretty funny. So we see where they are going into that game.


Injuries, injuries, injuries are a part of this. So we know a couple things for each team that are around. So for city, the big damages Phil Foden is out until May. No. He was just getting into form. He's had a hard time he's having his appendix removed. Why does he need an appendix? Just play with it. He must have really been shitting his pants a lot or in a lot of pain. I remember my friend, Jose, in the sixth grade missed the whole school year because he had his appendix out. Wow. I'll say, hang in there.


Earling Holland, I'm not sure if this is real he missed his international with the net with with Norway, but then is he hurt? Is he not hurt? I'm not sure. Nobody knows but Julian Alvarez would be available. Citi already they were fine. I'm not worried about it. And then Kevin De Bruin comes in, in incredible, incredible form.


City have been playing this weird four back concept with John Stone and Nathan Aca at right and left back. They can do it they're good enough, but, you know, it is a little bit defensive, especially when you have a kanji, Diaz, stones, and and ah, that is just so much defense. We lose a little in our flow, but Does that make a difference? I don't know. PeP is all over the place. I don't know what this team does anymore. They're all over the place. For liver pool, It's no Tiago still.


Bassettitch, I think, is a is a big miss for them. He held the fort for a while there and was doing okay. The nice thing is Semakus and Darwin Nunez should return. I'm afraid of Darwin Nunez. He's really good. He brings a lot a lot a lot of energy to this game and brings a lot, and we'll see if Liverpool's front three of solid dockbone Nunez. I know Nunez wanted to be in the middle, but now he's out on the left, supporting so on the right, excuse me, supporting Gekko. It seems to work Gekko as Fimino makes more sense. He's the footballer. He drops in. And then we'll see the Elliot Fimino Henderson thing. You know, Liver Pool are gonna Liverpool. They're gonna do their thing.


The only thing I can think of that's interesting about the back line for Liverpool is van dyke got blasted. By the Dutch press saying he's not a leader. He says a lot, but doesn't do a lot, and doesn't win anything. Very weird. But they don't come in in great form. I think the fact of the matter is any game can become enough performance for Liverpool. You have these amazing highs and lows, seven nail versus united, and then one nail versus board myth.


City could bring up the best. I don't know. City have not been there flying attacking death machine? Yes, I know. Earling Holland has forty goals. But I watch Citi every week, week in and week out. And let me tell you, this team is not as fluid This is not your mom's Manchester City. This is not your dad's not interested city. Rahim Sterling isn't walking through that door. Leeroy Sunny isn't walking through that door for an Endino knocking guys over smiling and helping them up is not walking through that door. There's a lot less athleticism, but there is more control. So city are more methodical, slower, There seems to be only one person who passes the ball early on, and that is Kevin De Bruin. Thank God for that because without De Bruin, Holland doesn't get service.


There was a little period there where De Bruin was slipping slipping slipping slipping slipping. And he has come back into form something that is interesting. I'm a big fan of who scored and they had a stat that in terms of their they have an automated rating system that does the one to ten thing and they kind of are a good place to get a sense of where your team is. Earling Holland Phil Foden and Kevin De Bruin are some of the lowest form players from the beginning of the season. What does that mean? From the change in the World Cup, they were much they had much better form before the World Cup than they did after. And that visually does come true. Now, they were at such high levels that they were at seven point nine and now they're at seven point one. Or seven point seven and now they're at seven even. But, you know, it is crazy.


Just to give you a sense on season averages, Hollins at seven point two seven point five. Excuse me. De Bruin's on seven point five and near the top of the league. Gunnarons six point nine seven. Rodriguez, who's great. Seven point four. Alison on Liverpool is six point nine five. He's the number one goalkeeper in the world. And no one except for MoSala is over seven for Liverpool and your friend Harvey Elliott is a six point five.


So just to give you a sense of the numbers are, they have a whole algorithm It's fun to look at. And again, it's just one of these things like, how do we measure people? How do we know what they're doing? It tends to overvalue left backs. Or defensive players. Like if you look at this, Ben Me and Tarkovsky have been the best center backs ever. Which is a little bit weird and a little bit wily. So that's the early game.


I'm super excited about it. I don't have, like, one of my profound moments for this, but I do think about this as our newest classical, our big the world is watching game. Now granted, city will never be in the class of real Madrid or Barcelona. But I think from a From a where is the best talent in the world playing and where you're gonna see the best football, I think this game is it. Or has been at least because Liverpool's midfield has really damaged their credibility in this game to be fair. And city is still playing at a high level, but it's not as frantic, not as incredible. It's much more subdued and chilled versus what it was. So it's a little bit different and a little bit quieter than it has been, which is a shame just just for everyone to know. But it's still a great game and I'm expecting city, this is a must win. If city loses game, this the title's over.


And I've been through this with Liverpool a million times January third nineteen, all the games, less their going game after game after game after game after game. And I'm semi glad that it's not as loaded, but it is pretty loaded. Just to give a sense of of where we are. Other games, so that's the early game tomorrow. Then we're gonna have a delegation battle, Nottingham Forest. These are all the the the three o'clock game. So these will be all on GOLRUSH, Forrest, first first wolves. Arsenal leads where we'll go next. Bournemouth be fulham, brighten Brentford, always a great game. Palace first Lester. Those are all the three PM games. Then we'll have Chelsea and Aston Villa to round out Saturday, then on Sunday. We'll have West ham versus Southampton and Newcastle versus Manchester United. So those are the those would be the big games that I'm thinking about Next, we'll go to leads and have a look there as much as I want arsenal to lose.


I just can't see it. Relatively uninter actually, that's not true. Saliva is out So Rob Holding and his wig will come back into the side. If he wears that fucking headband again and taunts people about his hair, I'm gonna be very angry. Aside from that, and Ketti is out, not a big deal.


Thomas Partie doubtful, along with Cun and tierney, but those he's not a starter anymore. So partie not being in the squad would be something that's an advantage for leads to take advantage of, but they have their own missing players. Tyler Adams, Stewart Dallas and Adam Forreshaw are all out for them. They do bring back the great and powerful William Yondo or I wanna always call a gnocchi because he looks like a gnocchi except he's he's a he's a black gnocchi. He's an African Italian player. Really great fun team. I still don't like Mezley, who I've complained about. He has a mistake in him. A conscience Cooper, just try and hang on and defense and ailing who's a championship level player who's come up with leads the whole time is still playing he's gonna have to match up against Martinelli. That's not gonna be easy for him. Furocho is more of an attacking player. He'll be going up against Saka. So there'll be a lot of work for McKinney and Cooper to help out with soccer.


The the the front three of Arsenal are clicking right now, especially when you throw in Odegard as the fourth. Martin Ellie, Trussart, Sakah, Odegard, is about as formidable a group as you're gonna get. For my beloved, Brighton, Trussard was fantastic. We all knew it we all knew he'd come in and just be a part of it. I think he fits in more with this group versus Gabor Real Jezuz, who as much as he was important early in the season. He really didn't score, but what he did was He showed force. He showed energy. He gave the team personality that I think Arsenal took on. They did take on that city high energy personality, and and Ketchya gave them a a bridge to gap through there. But Truss art coming in gives them a focal point and a kind of nouse and technical slickness that goes along and and relieve some of the pressure on Odeguard to create everything. And between he, Martinelli and soccer moving around, it's gonna be really, really hard for leads to get out of this game.


Now, after international breaks, always difficult, always tough, always tricky. Soccer had a great time in the UK holding didn't play. I don't know Gabriel where he went. White didn't play for England. Azinchenko had a game, but it was for the Ukraine in England. So that was no big deal. And Ramsdale did not see any minute. So they come in relatively intact.


I just want arsenal to lose. I don't want them to win the league. Is it okay to say that? Am I allowed to wish ill on Arsenal? Please, will you fucking blow this season? I think their chance to blow it, got blown away with the Aston Villa and the Bournemouth games that were such emotional highs. And then they were able to turn it down, have the easy wins versus Palace, and and full them, and that really settled the nerve. So they had the emotional games that you thought would have been at the end of the season, but they had them right in week thirteen and fourteen to blow a lead of eight points. Even if you have a game even if they have a even if Citi has a game in hand, with ten to go would be an epic collapse. Epic collapse. This arsenal team don't have that in them right now. Don't have that in them right now. They are in this thing. If they lose it, they blew it. That's it.


Anything less than winning the title at this point for Arsenal is a bottle and choke job. It simply is. There's no if and or butts. They simply have to just hang on. They can even lose the city game. It'll get very squeaky bum time where everyone has to drink. But they have a lead. There's a reason for it. They lose the city. They got a two point lead. They're fine. City has to win every single game. Every single game. Week in, week out. Try and beat Byron. Try and win the FA cup. This is Arsenal's to win not a worry about them at all. I'm putting the pressure on arsenal. Don't fucking let it slip. You've got to go again and again and again. You like that one. And then a game that I love and I know there's probably other games to jump around.


But Breitenberg's Brentford, I talk about these two clubs all the time. They're great clubs with great stories, probably two of the best run clubs in the Premier League, not the biggest, not the richest, but best run from top to bottom. Tony Blum and Bail Helm both run these clubs perfectly. They're linked as usual. I like to say it over and over again. They worked in the gambling data world and both made lots of money. I think Benham was was a quant and actually worked in making money on in in in in the city in London and then went into football and gambling bought Bradford, bought Michelin first, and then Bradford.


And they've both lifted their respective clubs that they love into this place where they both can battle, both can show different ways to win, different innovative ways, you know, with Brighton, you had Potter, but you had this great recruitment and Ainsworth who's now onto Newcastle and and Blüm having a strong structure of how they wanna build the club, getting the Amex done, getting to the Premier League, having a step by step process, now developing players, selling them on and reloading again. Right? They've moved on Trosart because they had Matoma already. They're gonna move on Kaiseido because they've got McAllister, although move on McAllister and try and keep Kaiseido. They've got the players. They've got Billy Gilmour in the wings. You know they're waiting for either Casado or Macounister to go and they'll put Billy Gilmore in and they'll give him a shot. Even though he had a big name move but he's still there and he can still do stuff. He's gotta get stronger. I saw him on the bench for Scotland.


For Bradford, they're in a really strong place right now. They're really about Tony. He's probably gonna get a band for his gambling. But right now, they're in really great shape. Both teams can feel good about their status. Britain have more to play for. They still are in the essay cup. They still have a chance to make it to Europe, it's distinctly possible. I don't think they will, but they can. Neither team has too many crazy injuries of their starters I guess, Vitale Janel is is sort of bigger for for for Brenford. And then we know about Adam Lelana being hurt. His career is probably getting closer to over than beginning again.


But that that midfield for brighten, hardworking destructive. Norgard's one of the most underrated defender, midfielders in the league, Janssen, Norgard, Domsgard, just such a strong group. Sometimes, Janelle comes in, and then Tony and Envvo making it all happen. And then Pinnick and me, just great great strong defense along witharya. They know who they are. They play as they will and they just go for it. And then on on the on the brightens side, you're gonna see an attacking super funk team, Matoma, McAlister, March, Ferguson, who I love love love love Evan Ferguson eighteen years old, giant Republican violent striker getting into getting into it with mbappe already. Just great. And of course, my most lovable defender. I love Lewis Duncan. I won't be shy about it.


I think Dunkin' Webster are the most underrated pair in the league. They've already swapped out for Robert Sanchez. They're like, you know what? We're good. And they've now because he was making mistakes and they're going with Jed Steele, which is just crazy what deserves he's done, I love this team. And then Estebion and Caicedo, the South Americans just given them the business. Caicedo, I think they're are they both Ecuadorian or one's Ecuadorian? I don't know. I just fucking love them. Yeah. Estupignan, I think they're both Ecuadorian. So they've so that's one of the sort of yeah. They're both Ecuadorian. That's one of the markets that that Brighton has seen value in a smaller South American country, and they've gone and, you know, really scouted well and done a good job with their network.


To to find players that are unusual. McAllister probably taken just because he's going bald, his dad's bald. I'd just like to make fun of balds. That's just what I do. That's just how I do it.


Those will be the games that I've got my eye on as I go through this week's matches. The stories are starting to starting to slow down. I mean, we've got spurs that I've talked about under multiple episodes We know that Conte is out. I think Spurs plays on the Monday, so they're less on the radar yet. I'll just go one further yet. Spurs play Eberton on Monday, an important game that they really can't lose even though it's at Eberton with Daish they're gonna have a big fight on their hands. But the game I wanna go to next after Brighton is I do wanna go New Castle Manchester United.


This is a big one for Newcastle. They've righted the ship in that they have now got eSAC at the helm at the striker position. He's just such an upgrade over Calum Wilson. He's making the thing go. He kind of undoes the muck that was going on, especially they had that malaise period where gameresh was out and he's so vital to the team that this team's not quite good enough yet to miss any player. So when when Bruno wasn't there, Bopman and Shah got exposed. Dan Byrne just is such a try hard, but he's a six foot seven left back. It's fucking weird. And then tripping of course, fantastic. That that that defensive five, Bern, Bachman Shah, Trippier, and Pope just imperious. Only nineteen goals conceded all season. And then for them, their promise scoring goals. So they'll get ESAC on the ball and see how things are going.


Almirall is out which is a downgrade for them. They really needed him. He heard his thought on international duty. But you know, there's not much depth there. You know, you have Anthony Gordon maybe, say, maximum maybe, you know, you don't know what you're gonna get from them for United still Casimiro out with the red card of absurdity. A bunch of players that are doubtful, but, you know, I feel like Rashford, Veran, you know, they'll be there, and we still have no sight of Ericsson who they're gonna need. But thankfully, they had did such a great job during the during the window that they got saboteur and VEGHorse, not guys that will be there forever. But guys that are there now that help United.


This should be a I could see it being a draw for these teams. And VanHorse really has to score. Did you know that in their international duty against the mighty multis at Malta, the island in the middle of the Mediterranean. The Netherlands took fifty shots. I don't even know how you take fifty shots. Was that one every other that's every forty seconds, they were taking a shot on goal. Bank horse, of course, didn't score because, you know, why would he score? It's just a madman, but we'll see where that is. That's about us even a game as you could call, especially with Newcastle. At home. At home.


I do think, you know, there's a parallel between these two teams that goes back through Premier League history, and they do hold something. Either it's the Either it's the I would love it from Kevin Keegan when they were blowing the title or just the colors and the letters New Castle United, Manchester United, black and white and red and gold. There's something romantic about the smell, the connection between the two clubs. There's something extra about it representing the east the northeast and the northwest together as two clubs that are important for England, but maybe not for the world, but for England. I think Newcastle does hold something special, especially against United. It's reminiscent of a time. It's it's reminiscent of Shira. It's a reminiscent of Sir Bobby Robson.


There's a lot of important early Premier League history between these two clubs that as the narrative of the Premier League was forming, they started it. They get their names into the books and they become part of the story. Newcastle have had two good periods and now they're in their third period. They had early period after just before she had joined when they thought they were gonna win. They had finished second and then Shearer joined them when he, you know, shirk United from Blackburn. And then they had a decline when they had a decline period. And then Robson comes back in their mid two thousands where they do make the Champions League again, then they have a false dawn under under Mike Ashley, one season with Pardo, the the Pappie Cisse season when he finished fifth inexplicably. They should never finish fifth. And then they sort of stayed they get they got relegated and they had gotten relegated before Sam Mallardice and all this sort of bullshit.


Anyway, great club great matchup, fun game, an Intuit player to watch for for me is how's Rashford doing? He's gone off the boil a little bit. And I think if if United really wanna kick on and solidify their top four. They need rashford to play well. They have United have done a little bit with smoke and mirrors. This is not an underlying numbers great team. They still don't score enough goals from the number nine position. They live on rashford's amazing fucking clinical firing. And then, you know, there's still Fred playing. There's still Something's off. When they don't have their players, they're not as good as they should be. So just be careful United. You're doing well, but don't rest on your laurels. Like, they still have to grind and still have to really work to get their wins because they don't blow teams away. They win by one goal and really hang in there and and fight as a unit.


I do like what I've seen from United, but I don't think they're quite at the level of some of their friends. Right? Like, they're in third, they're only a plus six goal difference. Now did they give up a seven goal difference? Let's say they lost three now. It'd still be only a nine goal difference. Right? As opposed to the plus six. So that puts them in line more in with Bradford and behind Brighton as a plus six. Than you'd expect. So something tricky there, something to think about with United that they they have they have had tendencies to get blown out sometimes when things don't work. Right? So they have to be careful. They have to really work. They have to really be strong. And then their their margins are very small. They could lose the new castle. But if they work hard in play, they had been when they were informed, they'll be fine. So interesting stuff there. So we talked about United We talked, Bradford.


I went to Manchester United and Newcastle. Fun little game here. I think Chelsea versus Aston Villa. Chelsea had a bad bad run the other game the other day that would have been a bit of an embarrassment for Chelsea to have have drawn just before the break. Yeah. With everton, that two two game that they really really felt like a loss, Ellis Sims pulling it out where they just got outworked. And that should never happen.


I think Potter will need to have a good performance against Aston Villa, against a quality manager with a strong team I think honestly, Unai Emery should be the coach of Chelsea. He's probably a better manager. He just has that narrative of that good evening. He's a little bit weird. He's a little bit awkward. But in terms of, like, coaching, like, if you could remove any of the sort of good evening and the kind of the dark hair and the kind of strange faces that that that that Unai Am remakes. He's a great coach and a winner. Wins trophy. Wins trophy. And his defensive tactical mentality is more in line with Chelsea than what I think Potter is. So interesting mix there.


I could see Emery actually getting to Chelsea. He might be the right kind of manager for them down the road, but maybe not. I don't know. I could be I could be wrong. I could be completely off base with that. But Chelsea need a performance there. Because I think, you know, they they did get off the tonight and get themselves back together, but Aston Villa are good, and they're well coached. And Ollie Watkins is not gonna is is not is gonna work hard, and you're not gonna beat them because he didn't work. It feels like Watkins Buendia Bailey Ramsay as a force him going forward is really strong. And then McGinn and Louise are putting their partnership back together. So I think Villa, they have a strong known group. Their weaknesses are like, Mings has a mistake in them. Kansa can get baby asleep at the wheel. You know, Martinez might do something silly once in a while, but they're quite good and quite strong. But, you know, Chelsea have way more talent. And should be able to pull this out. But it is a weird sort of group.


Tallo Silva missing for Chelsea, still a big deal they need him back. Then there's a bunch there's so many players on Chelsea. I can't even go through the list. There's just hundreds and hundreds of players. Just missing. There's just so many dudes.


The big news though is that in Golo content, could return, which would be great for football, would be great for Chelsea. Chelsea never win when he's not playing. When he plays, they are a contender, when he doesn't, they are not. I think that has been the big important things since twenty sixteen, Chelsea win with Conte and lose without him. So I can't wait to see Fernandez, Dante, where Kombucha plays, or if if they're smart enough to go to a back four and let Dante play in a three with Covich and Fernandez. I don't know. I don't know what sort of flexibility Potter has. He loves his three at the back so that he can have Chilwell and James flying forward and they are better when those two are there. But we'll see what's happening. They've got to score goals. They've got to score goals.


Chelsea, by the way, secretly even in this dark period really have a good defense. They don't really give up much at all. I think that's the secret to them is they bore you to death and then they don't score and then they lose one nil or they draw. But Chelsea will have their hands full versus Aston Villa, a very, very good well coached team that I've that Mike and I going way back to Lynn Park really liked this team and they should never have been where they were. And that's why that's why Gerard got fired. Frankly, he just didn't have them where they were. And now right now, Aston Villa are right where they should be. They're, you know, within a few points of ninth on thirty eight, they will not go into twelfth. There's no chance. So they are comfortably a mid table side right sitting right in there. They could get as high as six. Liverpool's on forty two, Astonville on thirty eight. There's no guarantee that Liverpool are going to kick on. They have been poor almost all seasons. So we don't know what's gonna happen there. Wanna do do wanna keep on some of our reallocation friends.


Warmth verse, fulham, bournemouth at home, fulham missing Mitrovich, missing silver, after the bump. Fulham's underlying numbers really poor. I could see Bournemouth pulling this one out. Fulham are she should fade them. Their numbers are not good. They've been living on Palenia's amazingness, but they could start to slip. Because the luck runs out. That little five percent of energy, I could see Bournemouth getting a win here, especially at home, especially in a relegation battle, and then another delegation mega battle. We have two Chelsea sorry.


Crystal Palace at home versus Lester, West ham versus Southampton, Uncle Roy takes over Palace. I don't know how he's gonna play the problem for Trista Palace was not defense. They couldn't score. They couldn't score. So I don't know what what Roy is gonna do. He is gonna sit further back. He's gotta get them going forward, while Lester's prom is the opposite. They love going forward. If they score goals, they'll give up four. But the thing is, Lester's promise, they they concede tons, but Kristopasa and Skorney, so I could see Lester winning this game away from home pretty easily. And the bluebirds and the darkness will come for Kristopasa. I expect to I expect Lester to beat Palace.


And then West ham versus Southampton. Southampton are dynamic and fun, and I like what's going on with them. But you've got to think. I mean, if if David Moises to Southampton at home on Sunday, he's getting fired. That's just the fact of the matter. They cannot This game is about as must win for David Moise as he's had all season. He's had a lot of games. He's had a lot of chances. He's the only manager in the bottom seven. He who hasn't he's the only club manager from the bottom seven hasn't been sacked.


I believe oh, aside from Brendan Rogers, who's now in line for, of course, cheap ass fucking Tottenham. He wants to go to Tottenham now. Brendan Rogers to Tottenham would be the classic spurs. Classic, a choking bottling manager, goes to the choking bottling team so that they can be good and then choke and bottle. Amazing. Please, Brenda Rogers. Please go to spurs. Get spurs hopes up, and then blow it. Oh, god. That would be amazing. Anyway, West ham do need that win against Southampton.


I really like Southampton. Why do I like Southampton? I don't know. I like what I've seen from CELUS, and I like what I've seen from Lavia. And of course, any team that has James Ward Prause as legendary, I'm pretty sure don't have a striker because I think if I looked correctly, I'm pretty sure Chee Adams got hurt in the Scotland game. I'm just gonna double check. That one. But, yeah, just totally insane, totally wild. Yeah. Cheah Adams doubtful. We'll see injuries for for West Ham minor, Fabianzky, and and Mikhail Antonio will see what happens there.


I'm not sure what the plan is from from Moise, he's got to win this game. If he loses against Southampton, he's in deep, deep, deep shit. Like fired deep shit. Like, the sword of diceyclays now fallen on everton. There's no more sword. I don't know who the next manager would be, and it definitely doesn't rhyme with Daishiki's with Damocles. So we'll have to find someone else to be the sort of Damocles. But West Ham's a good job. That's a good team. I just think that that Mois just doesn't know how to go to the next step. He knows how to take an underdog squad of guys that he runs into the ground, but when you start putting better players in place, his mojo starts the mojo away, and it's interesting.


I do I do think that does segue to something that I wanted to talk about because we've got everton versus spurs on Monday. And that's managers. How it works? What makes a good manager? There was a really good two part thing on the athletic and they talked about management and what makes a good manager. And how much of it is the brand, how much of it is confidence, how much of it is coaching, and how weird it is in the Premier League that only the coaches are the only people who have to talk. Like, you don't get directors of football, you don't get a PR person. You don't get players.


The manager has to talk two times per game for every game. Right? So once before, once after. And then usually, after every game off the pitch, so when he comes off the pitch. So there's two press conferences for the press where they sit there and those are the ones you can watch on YouTube. And then two TV spots before every game. Because it's international game. So that's that's a lot of commitment that you're not on the pitch, plus whatever other kind of like shaking babies. It's kind of a political role. So you kind of need a good politician who actually is competent, which is a very weird mix. Of folks.


And there's, you know, what kind of managers you are? Do they fit in? And I think the line that I like the most was A manager has to be the right person for a club at the right time, in the right moment, at in the right process point. So, like, you know, if you're coming up from the divisions, David Moises the right person. But if you're three seasons in, He's not. Are you a project manager? Are you a firefighter? Are you a ready made to win coach? Are you a build it with your own guys coach? Are you a staunch idea log about how you have to play or are you pragmatic? Will you change with how you do things? It's so fascinating. It's so interesting about how that works.


And I think sometimes teams do need to swap around, like, I do think weirdly Brendan Rogers would be good at West Ham and Spurs. At this point, but not good at, say, arsenal because of reasons. Right? Where the expectations is, like, a level where you fit. Like, right now, I don't feel like Moises is the right fit for West Hammond anymore, but he might be the right fit for Lester. So, like, could they swap managers? Like, it feels like right now Lester needs that, hey, we're solid. Give the ball Madison. He's gonna create everything Varty is gonna get on the end of it. We're gonna score goals by sitting deep and doing our thing. Right? Whereas, you know, they kind of are out of that and they need more defensive stability. Whereas West Ham are like, dude, Moise, we got this let's go score some fucking goals. We got guys. Let's do it. Where Rogers would be better at that. And let Fabiansky and Dawson and and and Kurt Zuma just defend and be like fuck it. We're gonna we're gonna fight our asses off. To do it.


So there's these weird moments where you feel like a manager could shift, but you don't do it because you don't really see your team shift underneath a manager. It's kind of like, you know, it's kind of like the godfather where you have Peace time and wartime consulieri's. Right? Like, sometimes you gotta go to the mattresses where you need a firefighter like a daish but Daish would be terrible at say, you know, arsenal. Like, could you imagine Daishan arsenal? What? He wouldn't even know what to do. He would be like, whoa. What do we're not defending? We're not doing it this way. We're gonna be nervous and sort of thing. But, like, puti, I don't know. I'd love to find out.


But it's fascinating how managers fit within the hierarchy. And then the other thing is that's interesting about the high level managers for these Superclubs. Right? Your your real, Barcelona, PSG, Byron, Man United City, Liverpool, blah, blah, blah, that group of clubs. There seems to be only, like, eight managers and they just keep rotating. Even though none of them really fits, none of them really before the right club, none of them really goes there. So So fascinating, and we're gonna find out more about the management at spurs on Monday.


So Stalini. Is it Stalini takes over? He must have been like, hey, Conte. Is it cool if I keep this job? Christian Stalini, and Ryan Mason takeover. And he's like, yeah. Yeah. You could stay. I got my check. I'm out of here.


Unfortunately, for Spurs, they've got a their their starting midfield is gone. So Pasuma and and Bettencourt have been out all year. Ben Davies is actually a good thing that he's out. And then, you know, they they they still have Kane, son and Kuleshevsky and Heidelberg and Skip. Where's the creativity? Why is Eric Dyer still playing in defense? I'll never understand Fraser Foster's terrible. Buy a fucking goalkeeper. What are you doing? Spurs, Jesus Christ.


And then for everton, I love Tarkovsky. I don't like Kain, but Godfrey Tarkovsky, Kain would gay, onana de Kouré. They're gonna play like this deep they're gonna muck I mean, none of these neither of these teams are gonna want the ball, and we'll see if the force of everton just comes and punches spurs in the face. And they just go, oh, what the fuck? I mean, I could see Kain just pulling this game out because he's that good. But, you know, Spurs need a performance as well.


Here and that's the sort of weekend of the Premier League. Now, I do want to go back to wrap up some of the international stuff. But really, there's only one there's only there's only one game I care about. And that Scotland too Spain, Nill, Scott McDermott, Hand and Park, Bacon Boogie. I'm so happy for Scotland. It's just an incredible incredible reserve for Scotland to beat Spain with their new coach. In Spain, just they're still still soft. Frankly, they just don't have juice. They don't have energy. They don't have a striker. They try to disrespect the sky. And the Scott's fucking put it on him. So good for Scotland. I really enjoyed that. I thought that was a strong performance. Really happy about that. What I saw.


Other games, this is the Netherlands three game. They took fifty shots. Fifty two shots and only scored three goals. What? And and and Nathan Acay scored two of them. I don't know what the fuck was going on in that game. Fifty two shots. Gibraltar were a man down from fifty one I don't know. That game's inhuman. Fifty two shots. I don't know what happened there.


Italy, I think I talked about these on Monday. Let's see. Any other games, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania Belarus, Croatia get back off the tonight after drawing. They get they beat Turkey, then Scotland Spain. Like I said, that was the big one. That was huge. That really put them on good fitting. Yeah. I talked about Ireland and France a little bit on Monday. Nothing really crazy here. So really just about Scotland and Spain.


Scotland trying to make another European championship. With the expanded numbers, they should have no problem. Scotland and Spain top of their group France and Greece top of theirs, England and Italy, both top of their groups. Italy, they should walk through these things. Croatian whales, whales getting that draw versus Croatia, puts them in good good stead, Czech Republic and Poland in the they that one seems a bit more open Australia. Austria and Belgium lead their group Belgium and Kevin De Bruin playing well, Lukaku with the hat trick. Serbia get two wins even without MitraVitch or maybe he did play. Slovenia also have two wins. They're topping their group, Switzerland with two Romania with two. Haven't seen Romania for many, many years since Hadji was there, and then Portugal dropping a ten spot on two games. They face no position, they're gonna walk their group. So the euros looking you know, they'll be next year, a year from now. I don't know. But anyway, Scotland looking good.


Putting it on Spain. Of course, my friend, Rodri, complaining that they had anti football tactics. I'm like, yeah, it's Scotland. Of course, they had fucking anti football tactics. What else are they gonna do? Their Scots, their midfield played in the championship. Meanwhile, Spain's midfield is real Madrid and and and Barcelona.


What do you want the Scotts to do? You know what I mean? King Kenny and walk into that door, you know? So I'm saying, Craig Burley and walk into that door. Steve Nick only walked into that door. Anyway, I am rambling. I am ranting. Can't wait for four AM. City versus Liverpool. I'm getting up. I gotta do the damage. Just get in there, feel the pain, feel it with me. And anyway, that was the squeaky bum time podcast with LaRonde Corteens. We are the football wing of the chops sports channel and presented exclusively by the premier streaming network. We record on Mondays and Thursdays, so be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcast. So you never miss an episode. And if you're listening on Apple or any other podcast player, please rate and review the show. It means everything all the time, all at once. Bye.

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