Tottenham Hotspur: Time for a REBOOT? PLUS From Zero to Hero: Graham Potter’s Winning Formula REVEALED

Welcome to the Squeaky Bum Time podcast with your host, Laurent Courtines. In episode #234, we’ll be reviewing the Champions League midweek full of drama and disappointment, and looking ahead to a Premier League weekend full of quirks.

Firstly, Tottenham’s joyless Champions League campaign has come to an end with a historic 0-0 draw against AC Milan at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. But what does this mean for the future of the club? Does Tottenham need a reset, and who is the manager to replace Conte and rebuild the team? We’ll be discussing this in Part 3 of the show.

Meanwhile, Graham Potter and Chelsea have advanced to the next round after a convincing win over Dortmund at Stamford Bridge. Has Potter stumbled upon a winning formula for his starting 11, and can Chelsea keep their hopes of silverware alive? We’ll delve into this in Part 2.

PSG has suffered another last 16 exit after a defeat to Bayern Munich, who demonstrated their quality to advance at the expense of the Parisians. But what went wrong for PSG, and why aren’t Bayern Munich performing as well as they should be? Laurent will share his thoughts on this in Part 4.

Turning our attention to the Premier League, the leaders Arsenal will travel to Craven Cottage to face Fulham, but they may have reason to fear Mitrovic, Solomon, and the rest of the Cottagers. Meanwhile, Man City will be at Selhurst Park, a stadium where they have historically struggled. We’ll provide previews for both matches in Part 5.

In Part 6, we’ll also be previewing the upcoming match between Bournemouth and Liverpool. And in Part 7, we’ll be discussing the rest of the Premier League weekend, including Brighton’s chances of a top-four finish and Evan Ferguson’s chances of a big money move.

But before that, in Part 1, we’ll be discussing the recent sackings of managers Parker and Billic, as well as Club Brugge’s decision to fire Scott Parker after losing 1-5 to Benfica.

Thanks for joining us on the Squeaky Bum Time podcast. Let’s get started.


00:00 – Introduction

01:56 – Time for a Spurs Reboot (80 Seconds)

08:51 – Chelsea’s Defensive DNA (63 Seconds)

13:38 – PSG vs. Bayern Munich (92 Seconds)

19:53 – City, Arsenal Title Race (74 Seconds)

23:48 – Citi’s Improved Performance (91 Seconds)


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