The No Asshole Rule – Are you an asshole at work?

I’m reading a book called The No Asshole Rule.  In it they argue that asshole employees do far more damage to organizations than their worth. Second it illustrates again and again that power corrupts.

Two things that I am taking away from the book:

1.  I need to be better to people and not be an asshole.  Sadly I have a bit of an asshole jokey personality and I likely go to far.  I would like to apologize to my poor foil Ben who is on the receiving end of my assholitude.

2.  The book reinforces some of the internet ethos and Lynchpin-esque ideas that I hold dear.  Give away your knowledge, help people and do not horde what you know.  By being open and transparent you are way more likely to NOT be an asshole.

Do not be, as illustrated in the hilarious video Drinking Out of Cups, a “not my problem, no way!” worker.  People need you and helping others, giving away your art, the gift of work will help not being an asshole

Do you know any assholes at work? Let hear about the jerks at your job.

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