The Power of Not Blogging (by request)

I asked my Facebook community for a topic to blog about and my co-worker Ben suggested with cheek, The Power of Not Blogging.  It is anti-thesis to blogging but there is power in NOT blogging.
Here goes:
– You keep your privacy
Thoughts aren’t being shared so folks don’t know how you think.No one will ever know you are a pro-union, pro-revolutionary, urbanist. You retain the element of surprise.

– Time for other things.
I spend my twenty-five minute commute writting, I could be doing something else! Reading, doing work or just mapping out my day.

– Piece of mind.
Writing interesting things without getting bored of your own voice is tough (not for me, I love the sound of my own voice). If you aren’t blogging, you let that little piece of stress go. Poof! No more blog, no more worrying about blogging.

– Freeing others from reading your blog.
I appreciate every last one of you who reads these posts. It is amazing that you take the time to read my stuff. Thank you! However, if I didn’t blog, you all would be freed from reading it. No guilt at seeing the posts go by, no nothing. You actually might get that minute of your life back!

What else does not blogging do? Most of you don’t blog? What do you get up to instead?

PS. There you go Ben, you jerk.

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