Arsenal DEMOLISH Chelsea, the WORST team in the Premier League. Sam Allardyce in charge at Leeds United

Discover the impact of English managers on today’s Premier League as we dive into the return of Big Sam Allardyce and how his innovative approach to football can potentially save Leeds United from relegation. We’ll also investigate the influence of Pep Guardiola and other successful managers on the ever-evolving culture of the league. Get ready to be immersed in the world of English football with our unique insights!

In this gripping episode, we also recap the latest Premier League matches, focusing on Arsenal’s bounce back from their Manchester City loss, Martin Ødegaard’s impressive goals, and Chelsea’s struggle to find cohesion on the field. We’ll ponder whether Arsenal has what it takes to push City for the title and discuss Manchester City’s performance against West Ham. Don’t miss our in-depth analysis of these exciting matches.

Lastly, we’ll examine various Premier League teams’ performances and prospects, such as the possibility of Everton’s Erling Holland breaking Dixie Dean’s record of sixty goals in a season, West Ham’s struggle to escape the relegation zone, and Liverpool’s chances in the top four and the Europa League. We chat about Liverpool’s recent win against Fulham and the crucial role of Trent Alexander-Arnold in the team. Tune in now and feed your passion for English football with our knowledgeable analysis and engaging conversation.


(0:00:00) – Big Sam’s Return

Sam Allardyce’s return to the Premier League highlights English managers’ importance, and his innovative approach to Bolton can help Leeds United in their relegation battle.

(0:09:25) – Premier League Recap

Arsenal lost to Man City, Ødegaard and Jesus scored, Chelsea lacked cohesion, Man City impressive vs West Ham; Arsenal must maintain energy to challenge for title.

(0:16:47) – Premier League Teams’ Performances and Prospects

We examine Dixie Dean’s record, West Ham’s relegation, Liverpool’s form, Trent Alexander-Arnold’s role, and their top four chances.

(0:31:25) – Napoli’s Scudetto Win, Women’s League Final

Napoli’s 33-year Scudetto win, Barcelona Feminini’s undefeated streak, King Charles’ coronation, and Newcastle vs Arsenal headline the weekend’s matches.

(0:37:04) – Bank Holiday Football Preview

Monday’s games have implications for rotation, with Nottingham Forest vs Southampton, Leicester City at Everton, and Brighton’s third game in seven days discussed on the Squeaky Bum Time Podcast.


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Hello, and welcome to the squeaky bum time podcast presented exclusively on the chop sports channel of the premier streaming network. We are recording this on Thursday. May the fourth. May the fourth be with you. I am your host, Laurent Courtines.


In this episode, Manchester United lose in squeaky bum time to brighten arsenal pile misery onto an odd jet chelsea and we celebrate Napoli winning the Scudetto for the first time in forty years. But first, Big Sam is back and what we can learn from new, old managers. We've got to get our things out of the way. Please like, share and subscribe to the show. It means everything. If you're on YouTube, follow on YouTube, we're doing shorts there. You can listen to the show there. If you're on TikTok, follow us on TikTok. We are everywhere just for you, so let's get into it.


I've got a great little run down, but I do wanna start with our friend, big Sam, Allardyce returning to the Premier League. For those of you who may not know, Sam Allardyce is a very traditional English manager. He's from he's from the north. He's got a thick accent. He's a big man. Famously kept Bolton in the Premier League from ninety nine to about two thousand seven, famously brought you Westham up when they had gone down and they've been in their in the league ever since famously would claim that he had never gotten relegated. He has a bit of a chip on his shoulder in that he thinks fundamentally that he's not respected as an English manager who's from the north. So in his press conference, oh, he's taking over for leads who just fired their manager Javier Garcia. And they need it to fire him. But I do wanna give you the backstory around on on Allardyce, who's famous, who's just one of the characters of the league, And one of the things that makes the Premier League so interesting, these larger than life characters and beings especially the managers who we don't have that much access and we want characters and Sam Allardyce is one of those characters. In his press conference, he said that he was as good as PeP, as good as Kop, as good as Arteta in terms of knowledge. Not better, but as good. And I thought about that for a minute, and I thought, you know, there's a little bit of a disrespect for English managers rightfully so most of the time. Look at look at Brendan Rogers, who's Irish ultimately. Look at Potter, who just got sacked. Look at Stephen Gerard who is terrible. Look at Lampard who is terrible. So some of it is earned, but I think we should go back and sort of respect some of the older managers who who've forgotten more football than a lot of people. As much as clap and PeP and tactics are interesting, it's still the same eleven players moving around in the same formations.


We give a lot of credit to PeP for doing innovative things, but let's be frank. What he innovated this season was going back to the WM, which was by Herbert Chapman in the nineteen thirty. So there's not much to Innovate. And Sam Allardyce was an innovator. When he was at Bolton, he was the first to use statistical analysis he rightly identified long balls for his team that suited his team. He used psychological profiles. He He used statistical analysis, he used sports science, all that stuff, and he really had Bolton in Europe a couple of seasons. So he's a very progressive manager, but in the guise of a traditional English football man. And he has his work cut out for him at Leeds.


Leeds currently sit only on goal difference out of the relegation zone, and had just finished giving up the most goals in a month in the Premier League. Graciela seemed burnt out seemed resigned to being relegated. Already, he has done an interview on the athletic, like, hey, yeah, it was tough. And there's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes with a lot of these clubs. I think the interesting thing is, with Roy Hodgkin coming in and Sam Allardyce, And, you know, we're seeing an an adult, to a lesser extent, we saw near Warrnock come in at Huddersfield, down in the championship, and rescue them from relegation.


These are these older English managers who are northern, who have made their life football and they they don't get a monochrome of respect that I think that they deserve in that they know the game, they know their country, they know what it takes in these situations. So when I say these situations, I mean, relegation fights getting stuck in, playing for the shirt, bringing that Englishness that I think really is a key factor in winning the Premier League. You've got to have Englishness. You cannot win in England without Englishness. And that's fight, desire, getting stuck in, understanding the rain, cynical fouls, just Each league has to embody its country.


And I think one of the things that's interesting and and I'll get it will get into the results of the week is it was a weird match week one of the things that I think about with PeP this season and Citi this season with Haaland is as much as Pep Guardiola, and the English football institution which Sam is from. He has changed in terms of Tikitaka and fancy football. English football has changed PeP. What are we seeing this season with Citi? Four men at the back, winning games with headers, a big number nine, getting crosses in, four four two w m. So he's reflecting the culture back on itself and I think this city's side and ultimately is gonna win because of its Englishness. And because of its fight and because of its spirit. And that spirit fight in English, this is gonna be a theme throughout this episode because there are teams that have it and teams that don't. So let's get to it.


This week was interesting. We had a game on Monday, which I covered. We had a game on Tuesday. We had two games on Wednesday, and we just had a game today. Will go through the games, through via their importance. So let's get to it.


First, on Monday, Sorry, on Tuesday, Arsenal defeated Chelsea three one at the Emirates. And let me tell you something about this game. No kidding aside. This was the worst performance I've ever seen by any high level team in my life. Franklin Park should be fired or the team should be fired. This Chelsea side gave absolutely zero fucks about winning this game. They were played through. They didn't run. They didn't close down. They did Absolutely zero. And within thirty five minutes, AutoGuard had scored twice and Gabriel Jezuz had scored. And this game was over.


Obamiani played the number nine, inexplicably he gave up on Chelsea once Togo was fired, Every time he plays, he does nothing and gets pulled off at halftime, which is exactly what happened. That is a mark on Franklin Park. What are you seeing in training that you think this is a good idea. Rahim Sterling did nothing. No. No. Madduke, one of the young players. He actually worked hard.


I thought, Sterling was trying the midfield of Fernandez. Kante and KovaCic. Nothing. Kante was doing his can't say things, but no one was working with him. They just was nothing from this group. They even dusted off the corpse of Caesar Escalakweta, who shouldn't have been playing on this team three years ago. And the fact that he gets dusted off in place is shocking. This there's an indictment here on Chelsea that is beyond fairness or possibility. They may not win another game. There's nothing in this team that says they care or want to care. And I think it's really important to sort of recognize the levels of this team.


Let's go through some of these guys. Obama is an international for his country, Gambon, by a France. Rahim Sterling is a England team regular up until this last World Cup. Enzo Fernandez, won the World Cup in the midfield, was young player of the World Cup for Argentina. Angola Conte, a longtime World Cup champion. Mateo Kovuchic plays regularly for Croatia in a midfield with Luca Moderich. Says I ask Paliquenta, Spain International, many caps. Leslie Fofana, on the England squad. Tiago Silva. Brazil's captain and Ben Chilwell, who missed the World Cup from a knee injury, along with Capa Arzola Blanca, who has been into Spain.


This is not a bad Chelsea squad of individual players, but it is the worst team in the league. They have no co cohesion. We use a term lot. Right? We have a lot of A lot of DEI stuff. Right? We have anti racism. Chelsea are an anti teen. Everything about them is disconnected. There's no fight for each other. There's no movement to help each other. There's no support when a player is on the ball that they come to. They don't see passes before. There are no steps before. There are no patterns of play. There are no plans that have been relayed to the players or that are getting through to the players. That this is what we're going to do. That they scored a goal is a shock, and Chelsea and Arsenal had already given up. That's Chelsea. That's how bad it was. Franklin Park should walk away, frankly, because he's never gonna work again if he continues with this team.


On the arsenal side, they do come back into it We do see Jacob Kewor, the Polish young player, finally getting into the side for holding after Gabriel, thank God, was able to come back in I'm surprised that he got the shot or surprised that he was playing before because I thought he was quite good. And then the midfield was improved with Georgino ticking the ball around with no party. Granite Jack will also involve. But some of and then Martin Notegard's goals were fantastic. On the valley passes across the box going through the cones, the passing cones and drills that were Chelsea gets the end on on the end of two and just puts them away. Really good goals.


And for arsenal, this is just the best they can do right now. Get themselves off the bat after the loss from Citi, get their wins going, get their machine going, try and get maximum points and hope that the mighty Manchester City drop points, which I don't think is gonna happen. Now they had they did take the lead back from Citi after the weekend, and then Citi had a chance to respond. So for the next few weeks, the next few games, things will go back and forth. But Arsenal did what they were supposed to do. They showed resiliency. They got back to playing their football and kind of have gotten off the stride of like the disappointment of losing to Citi. Now they can probably relax and just be like, okay, we just have to do what we have to do.


But I do wanna really be clear about what's happened with arsenal. This is a great season for them, still. But the key thing for them is keep going. Keep pushing city. I think what everyone wants is don't give this league to city because you backed out on the league. Push it till the end, never give up. People will remember that.


I think people respect the Liverpool sides that lost the city in those two seasons because they never gave up. They didn't blow it. They just sort of the points dropped here or there. But they they never down tools. They never lost their energy. They always tried to win. I think Arsenal should stay in that vein, and they do have a very, very, very tough fixture in that they do have to go to Saint James Park. And trying to get something from Newcastle this weekend and we'll go through the games later on as we go through it. But a good performance overall for Arsenal and they should feel proud about where they are easy.


Easy game did what they do, get their three goals, and then shut the whole thing down. Easy stuff there. Only item was, you know, Gabriel did come off a little injured, but nothing nothing too bad there. Guy Haverts came on, Gallagher came on, Mudrick's came on. Nothing changed from from Chelsea. They did nothing. They are awful and might not win another game again. I really mean that It's that bad. It's a freaking catastrophe. It's that bad. So Chelsea fans cover your eyes because it's getting worse before it gets better. So within the title race, city maintain our top position.


We City do defeat the great and powerful West Ham at home. It was tougher than I had expected, but Citi were really in control of this game. Although West Ham did make it hard for about a half. But I don't it didn't I didn't feel worried. There were moments early in the game where I was like, when is this goal gonna go in? Because Rodriguez had a pat had a shot that literally just rolled across the front of goal hit both posts or curved around the goal pretty incredible off the woodwork there. Johnstone's off target. A lot of stuff that you felt like maybe Citi had a shot at, but, you know, Edison had to make one good save versus bone in the first half, but city were in control, and you felt like it was inevitable, but it was a worry. I thought that, you know, the back three of the three at the back of Westham made it hard. And Bonna had a good game, got his head on everything until late in the game when things got a little bit trickier for him. Flynn Downs came in for Deckland Rice and played a good game.


Young player, that that that noise brought in. But on fifty, come at the moment, come at the man, foul outside the box, incredible cross from Riyadh Marrez. Nathan Akke back in the side his first game. He puts it in incredible stuff. Then, you know, Citi are very happy, very proud. Big moment for the team. We're feeling good, but then, of course, relish on the break off a turnover from Bernardo Silva passes it into relish really holds it, draws draws the defense, they're on the break, erling Haaland through the middle, times his run, chips the goalkeeper, It's gorgeous. He does his restful pose and scores his thirty fifth goal in the Premier League, setting the record for the Premier League.


This is Earling Haaland's first season, and he has set the record for goals in the Premier League breaking a record set in nineteen ninety four. So if I did the math, that's almost thirty years, a twenty nine year old record. So kind of a big deal. I like to put these things in context. You know, I don't know. I I I think about like other sports records and you kind of just go, oh, you know, things like that. This is like Nineteen ninety four, this is when the Bulls were winning championships. That's how long that goal record has stood. And now he's broken the dam and he's probably gonna break another record. I think last episode, I wax poetic and did the hyperbolic early in Haaland talk because he'd broken fifty for the season, but now he's on fifty one. And now he's now he's got the Premier League goal record.


His next step is to break the all time English football single season record set by Dixie Dean in nineteen twenty eight famously Bei Ruth chatted with him and he said, how much money are you making these? Like, Iowa had a better year. Almost the same season that Bei Ruth is his sixty home runs. Sixty Dean scored a sixty goals. Now, the context was totally different. The off side rule barely existed. It did existed in a different way. Teams would play a two two six. With six attackers. It was just a much different game. And I think ever it's in the season that sixty Dean scored those sixty goals, scored a hundred and five goals as a team, which was quite a lot even for them.


So Dixie Dean, record in sight, I believe Earling Haaland has a potential of ten more games. With the Champions League and the FA Cup final. Could he get sixty could he get nine more goals? That record is in doubt. It's possible, especially city play leads this week at facing Big Sam. He might score four. Leads are very bad, and Sam Alledice has a lot of work to do. But Citi play well for West ham. This game, they didn't score a goal. They're still on thirty four. They're not quite safe yet. They're four points above the relegation zone. So they're kind of on the periphery. Of it. They're one point, a win, two draws away from safety.


It's been a bad season for West Ham in the league. But I've talked about them a lot this season. They've just been kind of unlucky Bowen didn't really quite hit his heights. They tried to integrate Skamaka and a few other creative players. Aqueta who's been playing more and more often. But Mois always has this prom of he's unable to integrate a new group. He sort of has to play is one way. And I have a feeling that when the season ends, they're gonna let Moise go and try and expand this squad to another level. They'll probably be in a delegation zone and then they have to bring Moise back. But we'll see where they are from there. Fariansky made some great saves in this game. And the regular crew from from West Ham were in this game, but, you know, interesting stuff.


I like West Ham. And they still have they still have the conference league to play. They're playing AZ Acthar in in their schedules still going Azed Al Kumar. I want to get that right. And then on Sunday, they played Manchester United.


We're coming off a pretty poor well, a tough performance. I wouldn't say it was bad. But to Wes Sam's point, they're now on three losses in a row. They'll feel hard done by the Liverpool result, which I thought they were in decent shape on and Crystal Palace where they shipped four goals and now they've shipping goals for fun two against Liverpool, four against Palace, now three against city. They've got to get their defensive solidity back so that they can get their win and try and see this season out. They still have leads unless they're sitting on the schedule. So they are very much in this delegation conversation, but I'm very doubtful. That they will go down. They may even just stay on for thirty four and be able to finish this thing out. I doubt they'll be in trouble. We should go on to other teams chasing the top four.


We have our friends at Liverpool who are on a Liverpool Renaissance. Right now. They defeat Fulham, one nail on a penalty, two most salated dispatches. They put Fulham away who are having a bit of a hard time. I thought Fulham played quite well in this game. They did show fight, but away from home against full against Liberty is a tough result. They get their goal, Liverpool, and they sort of are able to see full amount. I think this is a really interesting type of result for Liverpool where they did grind it out. They did not have to do a full on attack. They actually had some control in this game.


The Trent Alexander in the midfield experiment seems to be going well. He was second in in chances created. For the game, led the team and passes, passes attempted, touches everything. So what's happening now is Liverpool are funneling everything into Trent Alexander Arnold, and he's able to dictate play within these games and get his ability on the ball into different places. And it's changing the way Liverpool play.


I'm like I said a while ago, I'm so surprised it took caught this long to make this change. It seemed as though he was never gonna make a change. I guess he had to wait and see how it was until everything was done and now he feels good about where he is. But I think another thing that sort of changed his thing is Luis Diaz being there. There's a lot more seasonality. There's a lot more lot more options, the upfront, all the the the front four are all there now. You've got shots are rotating in, and Nuna is rotating in. And Gackbo seems to be a player that Kop really likes, seems to make a difference every time he comes on.


So a lot of interesting stuff going on with Liverpool as a new group they try and regenerate with Harvey Elliott and Curtis Jones, and they're gonna let James Milner go with, you know, a lot of young players. They're still pretty young know, we have to remember Trent is only twenty four. He's got a long way to go. I think they probably have to start thinking somehow about Van Dijk who's now played way too many minutes. It's gonna be thirty two. He's not a superhuman anymore. He's just a good Sorry. A very very good top level defender, but he's not interplanetary anymore. And I think there has to be a little bit more solidity there that they can figure out.


But this is a good step for Liverpool. They can feel good about where they are. They're pressing that top four space that if any team like Manchester United really falls apart. They're there to pick up the scraps. But they've looked locked on now for the Europa League. They've got a good chance of getting that spot. And I think from some of the lows that Liverpool have felt, they'll feel really good if they can get a a Europa League spot and then have that double chance of of getting to where they wanna get to at the end of the season.


I'm just looking for the for the remaining schedule of of Liverpool. I just wanna sort of go through it and just make sure we see where they are. Right now, they're on fifty nine points sitting solidly and fit with the gray and powerful brighten right behind them because, you know, brighten are the best. They still have Brentford at home, Lester away, Aston Villa at home, and then they round the season out away at Southampton. So tough games, but doable. I think Aston Villa will be tough. Sick Leicester City will be fighting for their lives, and then a home game versus brightness and so bad. But they are now on a five game winning streak unbeaten in seven after they had lost to Manchester City and really effectively put their top four chances out the window. But, you know, they are in decent shape. They, you know, they took they took they took that loss to heart and moved forward from there. So good stuff there. Things have changed. Liverpool looking up till there'd be some optimism going into next season.


If they can get their signings. Right? If they can get McCallis different, Brighton, over the line. If they can get another midfield there like Paysaido, maybe two maybe three, maybe a defender. Just give some tools and some clay for clot to play with that he can figure out what to do and regenerate the teeth. So good stuff all around there for the great and powerful Liverpool who move through and get near the top four.


But We have to talk about the game of the day just today. Today. Today, man united go away to Brighton. Right? Wins, one nil on a VAR assisted hand ball result that Alexis McAllister put away in the latest scored goal in, previously, regular season history. In the ninety eight minute, they get their goal. It was a fantastic game. Just whenever Brighton are playing, you know, you just have to watch them. They're fucking fantastic. They took it to United. It went down to the end in the ninety plus nine minutes of the ninety ninth minute, the ninety eighth minute, when the penalty was actually taken. Just a fantastic fantastic fun game. The boys were taught. We were all chatting with each other during the game and just how great this game was and it was nil nil. And how we need to really further neutrals and people who aren't big football fans, you see the result and you're just like, it's nil. Nil. You've gotta tune in. Because this game had fight Lewis Duncan and Anthony getting into it.


The picture here of of these teams, they had just played each other in the FAQ and had another result between each other. There was a lot of bad blood, a lot of holdover. I think there was vengeance on Brighton's mind, So a lot of getting stuck in. The referee let a lot go. I think it was Andre Mariner. He kinda had took an old school view of this and just like, You know what boys? You guys are playing. So they did go and play. It was open. They were fowls. People were getting stuck in. Tackles flying in just a really fun and enjoyable game that that I could not recommend more it was nil nil and it didn't matter.


That midfield of Alexis MacAlister, Billy Gilmore, and Billy Gilmore along with Kaiseido, a funky funky lineup, but Casado played full back, but then moved to the inside after and CISO came off the field. Just a lot of different moving parts. And, you know, Brighton never ever stopped going for it. Never ever gave United a sniff and they got their just rewards in the end with the handball into the box Luke Shaw, who is doing great as a central defender filling in for Harry Maguire. I don't even know if he's filling in for Harry Maguire. He's the central defending pair. With Lyndaloff. So there those guys are working their asses off. They're still playing with the four the four full backs because you've got one Osaka on the other side and went to war again with Matoma.


Great battle between those two. Just a fantastic little attack there. They kept on showing him to his left because they're so afraid of Matoma coming in on the right, but Shaw puts his hand in the air. Nobody sees it, but then the Brighton players are really protesting. And you can see it on VAR, clearest day. Andre Mariner goes to the monitor. All he has to see is the arms up. Bingo. Call the penalty. There's nerves. I'm so nervous in this game.


It was a really fun, great game. And just one of these moments where if you watch the whole game and you weren't a football fan, and you just held your breath for a minute, you would find yourself just being in love with this game. It was a fantastic Nil Nil result. Motoma, Anthony, had great chances to score goals, and then a lot of sort of half chances, well back Casamiro had a couple of good shots. Solly March skipped across the box at more than once after he came on, was unable to get a shot off but Dave was making saves and and who was in goal and and steal Yeah. Jason Steele made a lot of good saves. Just a great fun game that everyone could enjoy and of course the result gets resolved in the great and powerful squeaky bum time for real. You just thought United might pull it out, but Today was Brighton's day and they deserved it. What a great team.


If you haven't watched Brighton, please just just do yourself a favor. Just watch Brighton. Their next game is their next game, Brighton has everton next at home they should be able to tear everything apart. Everything's gonna come desperate and really try and come after Brighton. But they still have extra games. They have a bunch of games at hand. They have to make up a game from match week twenty five and one from thirty two, still have to play everton, Arsenal, Newcastle, Southampton, Manchester City, and Aston Villa. That's a lot of fucking games. So they still have a shot definitely at Europe, definitely at the Europa League. They're really pushing for it I just love them. If you can't watch Brighton and enjoy it, this might be the last chance because there are at least three players that could get picked off from that team. Matoma, Kaiseido, and Macallister. Macallister already heavily linked the Liverpool as their new midfield reinforcement, especially after a World Cup. Just high profile, great stuff from them. I love them. I love you, brighten. Please spurs, hire dessert y. What are you doing? Just do it. Stop messing around. Get it done. Just a fantastic fantastic result for them.


Couple of items to talk about, and I think we went through them with the with the games. You know, Lester, the the relegation battle is still super tight. We saw leads Fire Gracia. We had an amazing Monday game, a two two everton versus Lester. I think that Dean Smith has just figured out, you know what? Leicester can't defend, so we're not gonna try and defend. The opta Joe of opta has determined that since two thousand ten, when we started having XG, the lesser verse everton game was the first game ever with two teams on three x g each. This game ended three three. So it was literally the highest combined XG game in the history of XG. How about that? What an amazing game? The fact that that Lester even gave up goals to the fact that Lester gave up free XG to Everton isn't saying because Everton can't score to save their fucking lives I think I talked about the game already on Monday, but just a fantastic little note there about attacking attacking attacking.


This is the same thing I said about spurs. Spurs need to just attack. Maybe Dean Smith should be the Spurs manager. I don't know, but that's what I'm looking at. I just think that people need to push and try and get themselves in the way. I do wanna give a little shout out to managers getting changed. If you are at the end of your season, would you just change your manager for the last game in the season? I wonder if we have one more manager change left. That some teams have six games, some teams have four games left. If you are Nottingham Forest, and you have a win and stay in the league and Steve Cooper is the coach. Do you fire Cooper just to see if he can get a bump for that last game, crazier things have happened. It's to primarily, what's Tony Piela's doing? I'd give him a call, why not? I don't know what he's doing. He could be doing anything. Tony Pules, can you really get in there? So odds and ends in Brick Abrax.


Angela, my friend Angela Jackson, loyal, natalie supporter, has finally had her moment, naphthalie win the Skudetto on a one one draw, the goal from Oscemon really sets off the fireworks. And Napoli is on fire right now. They haven't won the Skudetto since nineteen ninety and Diego Maravona. So nineteen ninety, that's ten, twenty, thirty three years since they last since they won the league. Just party on natalie an incredible season for them. And respect to my dear friend, miss Angela Jackson, and the whole Italian league just letting the Skudetto happen, letting Syria have It's Napoli's champion. Just an amazing season. Victor Ossenen has twenty two goals. Finally, getting it done. Napplicant party, like it's nineteen ninety, the ghosts of Diego Maradona, are there. Argentina wins the World Cup the last nearly the last time and an argent and and napoli wins the Skudetto. So good for them, incredible stuff in Syria. There's still a big fight for the top four there, but just cool stuff from sitting at a and good on them.


Another thing I do sometimes cover the women's World Cup, but in this case, this is the women's wait for Champions League. England had two semifinalists, Chelsea, bow out to Barcelona and then Arsenal, Luz to Wolfsburg and Andre Popp and the Germans. So The women's champions league final in Einhoven will be Barcelona Feminini versus the great and powerful Wolfsburg from the German league Unfortunately, Arsenal was just, like, they lost five players, even their their Talisman who's been out for the season Vivian. Madizma. They lost the captain of England, Leo Williamson. They just didn't have enough to overcome Wolfsburg, who were just like sit back, play deep kind of team, and just got hit on the break, made a mistake playing out from the back, and Arsenal's ladies bow out in the Champions League. No English team. No English women's team has won the Champions League yet, but they are knocking on the door.


The women's Champions League is really hard to win. Really hard to make it even past the qualifying rounds. Leon, the defending champs there. Let me see if I can figure this out. Let's see. You wait for women's champions league.


The final is June third, Barcelona versus Wamsberg. Barcelona are defending champs in the last round. They in the last year, they defeated Chelsea. Believe Barcelona are I'm gonna make sure that I no. This is not the right thing. Oh, here we go. Barcelona are undefeated.


Again, I think it's their third season in a row, undefeated. They're they've only given up five goals all season. Scoring a hundred and eight. It's not a real league right now. Why the Spanish women's league has sixteen teams is beyond me, but undefeated. Twenty six played. Twenty six won. Hundred scored. Hundred eight ball scored. Five against Barcelona women. The most dominant team in all of world football going for a back to back.


You wait for champions league winners. The men may be a mess. But their women are holding on and being super strong. So cool for that. We'll all be rooting for Wolfsburg because everyone loves an underdog. In in these games. So cool stuff there. Last little piece of items Yep.


Let's just go through the weekend looks like this. So we do have the coronation of King Charles the second or the third. Charles the third, Elizabeth's son getting coronated as king, lots of drama there. I could give a flying fuck. But what it means is there is no early game on Saturday, and then we have a nice slate at the three PM kickoff, which will be on television in England. There are no blackouts. No blackouts. So Saturday looks like this Taunton play Crystal Palace at the Taunton stadium, wolves, host Astrid Villa, a Midlands Darby, of a sort there, Bournemouth host Chelsea Chelsea.


If they lose to Bournemouth, Frank Lampard should go walk into the thames and appear, Citi, play the ever powerful big Sam lead leads at home. This could get ugly and then Liverpool in the late game on Saturday. Do host Brentford. On Sunday, the big one is Newcastle hosting Arsenal. That will be a massive game If Arsenal win that and they have to, we'll still have a title fight, then Westham will be hosting Manchester United West ham still looking for that point. United's form away from home has been terrible, and they have been dropping points and things here and there. So art city I mean, sorry, man united do need to get a win. They their their top four is not so connected, that they can't, that they can just start mailing things in.


Then on Monday, we have an amazing superrelegation fight Monday Full LUM hosts Lester City. Lester City will probably get something in that game because they're flying high and have better coaching. Then Brighton hosts Eberton. Eberton played well against Lester. Like I said, they had those three and a half goal x g, but didn't score enough, and then the mighty.


You wanna talk about a must win? A must win of must win proportions on the bank holiday, Monday, Nottingham Forest, host Southampton at the city ground, Come on you tricky trees. If Nottingham Forest can win this game, they will take a giant leap forward. Into the delegation safety. We're gonna find out on Monday, on the bank holiday, Monday. Who is serious? Who is going down? And who has no shot? I'd expect a result for Nottingham Forest and a result for Leicester City, Eglinton. I'm not sure what's gonna happen to them away from home. But this will be a third game for Brighton in seven days, so we can see some sort of fight that wasn't that too much rotation. So Monday's games will be massive. And we'll cover those right as the show ends. Just like this one is gonna end.


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